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I rescued a Kitty!!

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So here he is!!

I havn't thought of a name for him yet... He's starved, scared, skinny and cold from being outside for so long!! He seems to be In decent health though!!

He is the sweetest thing ever!! You would think after being outside he would be feral, but he seems to be tame! Its really weird actually! He's just a little bit bigger than Eek, but Eek has a bigger/fatter head!

In the picture he looks black/white but he is really grey and white!! Just a little darling!!

So what do you think??

Any Idea's for names? He also has grey markings on his feet! His feet are all white except for the crazy grey spots on them!!

And he has a ring on the end of his tail! The ring is white, and the rest of the tail is grey!! He's a hoot!
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He is adorable and thank you for taking him in!!! I would name him Hobo! He is darling! Cant wait to see more pics!!!
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I couldn't help but to take him in!! He's the sweetest thing ever!!
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He is cute! I am glad I could help. Hearing his story and seeing his picture he just looked liek a happy Hobo. . . not a thing to his name and now has a home. . .
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Yup, I can't wait till he gets all settled and starts playing with my other babies! He is just a little bigger than Eek so I think they're going to be the best of friends!

When I put his food down when I got him home, he jumped on top of it and scarfed it down like he had never seen food before!! I felt so terrible for him. Its probably going to take a while before he realizes he can eat as much as he want, but he'll learn!! He is so skinny that I just want him to get bigger and healthier! I dont think he has any major medical conditions, otherwise he wouldn't have made it as long as he did outside! You can feel every bone in his little body! Im just so excited to have him! Nothing like the love of a feline to make your day!
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Blue Moon
Jake (one of the Blues Brothers)
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Aww, he's so cute!
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Yup, he's a lover too!!! Which I love! He's a shoulder rider and just a great little kitty!

I think Im going to call him HoBo because I think that suits him!! He was a little HoBo after all! AND P U does he need a bath!! I dont know if I should do it right away or wait! He does have ear mites, and his fur is smelly and dirty! Besides that and being too thin he is just great!! He actually only weighs in at a whopping 2 lbs!! He has to be older than Eek too, cause he's taller than him, so I think he was just starved!! It also looks like his whiskers were burnt off.... Some people can be so cruel!! Well he's safe now!!!
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A weird question, but does he have a small kink in the very end of his tail?
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Yes actually he does!! Why???
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Good for you! Very good job. I don't know you, but I'm proud of you. Saving a life is always an amazing thing to do. He looks like a handsome guy!
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Thank You!!

That was weird, I went looking for this thread and it was gone!! LOL
I put it in the wrong section! WHOOPS!
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Awww, he's sweet! Thanks for taking him in!
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Does he have a bit of an overbite, too?
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I guess a little bit on the top, and then on his lower lip he has a little black spot right next to his lip
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Hobo is a cute name!!! Bless you for rescuing this sweety.
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I think Hobo is purfect for him!! It seems to suit him since technically he was a Hobo!!
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What a cutie!

Make sure, though, to keep him separated from your other babies until he's been to the vet and tested. Better safe than sorry!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post

I couldn't help but to take him in!! He's the sweetest thing ever!!
i love that name too !!! good going norachelhere!!!!!! isn't he the most precious boy!!!! i'm jealous!!!
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I just love the looks he give me and the sounds he makes!

You know that sound females make when they are in heat?? Like Brrrrrrrrrr!
He makes that noise and my husband said that he was a girl so I picked him up and showed him his man parts! LOL
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I had to go back & re-read....he's a kitten, isn't he?

I know someone in your area who adopted a kitty of mine(one of the farm kitties, like 2 years ago). He got out a month ago & they haven't seen him since. He had a small kink in the tip of his tail & an overbite. He's also on meds for a health issue.
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what a cutie!
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Yeah, he's just a kitten! I think he's maybe 16 weeks!! He's a little bigger than Eek even though he weighs less! But that does fit the description! Maybe that kitty had babies!
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what to name him?......what about what you first thought of him.....HOOT!
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I figured I would put the new pic up of Hobo, and a couple new ones of Eek! Aren't they cute! They are already starting to play together!

The main problem we have at the moment is HoBo refuses to let the other kitties near him while he's eating! Or anyone for that matter! He throws himself over the plate and just eats!! Its insane!! So I finally got out two plates for their food so that they didn't have to share, well Hobo didn't want them to have the other plate of food either!! When the first plate of wet food (naturaLife) ran out, he sat there and licked the plate clean, so I couldn't help but to give him more!! He's just a darling and Im so happy that him and Eek are playing together! Maybe BooBoo can be off the hook now!!

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Oh my gosh! Did that kitty your friend lost have a microchip? Because if it did... then TCS magic might have found a lost kitty...
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So me and my friend were checking HoBo over good, and we found that his pads on his paws of his feet were partially frozen off!!! The frozen part seems to be peeling off so I hope thats a good thing the poor little guy!! I think he has a URI too. But that Im not worried about...
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Any more news on the mystery of the missing kitty. There seems to be a large age gap.
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He isn't the missing kitty! Im kind of glad of that because I didn't want to give him back, but by law if it was the other persons cat I would have had too! There is too much of a age difference to be the same cat! He is anywhere between 12-14 weeks old, he now has all his shots, has had a dose of deworming meds, Im treating him for his URI, and letting him eat as much as he wants! He isn't in the best of health, but he doesn't have anything serious! The paws of his feet were frozen part of the way, so the pads are coming off and he somehow got his whiskers burnt off before I got him. Im hoping the pads on his paws aren't going to be a problem for him! There are big chunks coming off and the very very top one on his leg is completely black and dead! The vet says he'll be fine, but I do worry about his feet! He must of been so cold to do that kind of damage to his paws though....

He's doing good anyway and the vet only cost 40 buck because he's a stray!! They're gonna neuter him for 37 bucks too!!

He hasn't as much as come near the door to get out, he obviously doesn't want to be out there, and for that Im glad! I was worried I was gonna have to watch my every step because he was going to try to get out!

Im still working on the DH, he thinks he should be with someone who doesn't have any kids because he's not use to them, but when they pick him up and pet him and stuff he just sits there, doesn't bite! He does get aggressive with his food though! I can't blame him for that though!
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