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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat View Post
Yes, I would like to see the look on her face after that However, that would give our big boy a bad name. She would make a nice toy though
LOL I'm sure either way, she would turn pale.
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I always go the same cashiers, and they always ask about my kitties. They are both cat lovers, and are careful about the cat food and make sure not to crush the treats. Sometimes they ask advice, and one brought pics to show me when she rescued the stray that had been living in the parking lot, pregnant and starving. We had been feeding her, but the others chased her away. She was so proud of herself, and I was proud of her. They had 2 healthy babies and mama has now been spayed and is living with her. She may keep the babies as well. We are trying to get her into a low cost clinic for them.
I wish all cashiers were as nice as these 2.
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Originally Posted by hollow View Post
I watch when they do mine. They hate seeing me coming.
Cat food seperate
cold stuff seperate
everything seperated!!

and don't cramm 25 cans in one sack.!!!!

Oh, I HATE that!! And my store won't even double bag that, so I'm either trying to carry the bag into the house like it's a baby when I remember, and if I don't I'm picking up soup and green bean cans from the yard.

Isn't there a health regulation that says cleaning supplies have to be bagged separately? If it was just soap, I wouldn't worry (I ate enough when I was little as punishment that I KNOW that can't kill you) but anything else would be toxic.
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I would have reported her conduct to the store manager before leaving!
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Thankfully I shop at Pet stores only for Trouts food..actually I can't even find it in regular grocery stores or Walmart.

What a rude woman..I would have said "yeah your kids are just kids, you can always have another one"
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then she makes the comment its just an animal you can always get another one
Yup, and this is just another job, you can always get another after I talk to my good friend, the manager of the store!
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