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I am officially Butzie's doorman

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Butzie has her screen catdoor in our downstairs family room. She meows at me to let her out. She is purrfectly capable of going out the screen cat door but she wants me to open the screen door for her. So I do (who is the pet?). She comes back in, no problem.
Butzie also will meow at me in front of every door on the main level. I draw the line there.
What is even funnier is that she has become so much of an indoor cat that she stays out about 2 minutes.
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All three of my kitties wait for me to open most doors in the house for them...but most of the time they open the doors themselves by jumping up at the handles and pulling them down, they only do that when they get impatient, especially first thing in the morning when they want to come in for food..the earliest time I have been woken up by Arwen doing that is 5:15am!

I have to laugh each time I see one of my furballs hanging from the doorhandle..but I really must invest in a catflap!
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LMAO this is too funny
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Originally Posted by AZ<3Me View Post
LMAO this is too funny
yeh LOL

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Lol.. i know what you mean Butzie!! King will sit at the door meowing ((usually the back door))... we'll open the door to let him out and he'll rest his lil Butt comfortably at the door opening so we cant shut it and stare. He doesnt go out he just wants the door open so he can stare out to the endless backyard! ... and I thought the Human Life Forms were the Spoiled ones!

Cats have the Darnest needs and wants!
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My cat will sit at the front door and wait for me to notice him and let him out. If I don't notice soon enough, he'll scratch at the door until I get up and open the door for him. If it is raining or cold or icy or something out, he'll usually want back in right away, sometimes before I even shut the door behind him.

Of course, sometimes right after that, he goes back and sits at the door again wanting out. Silly cat! I just showed you it was raining/cold/wet/whatever! It's like they have short-term memory loss sometimes, I swear.
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