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getting cat to stay outside

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hi all,
jack is 6 months old and was neutered last week so is now allowed out but seems reluctant to go further thn the back door, how can we encourage him it's o.k. to explore further afield??
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Try putting toys outside and try to make them interesting, e.g. going outside and wiggling them on a string and get him really interested in them, then he might explore further.

I've not had that problem - the problem we have is persuading Beauty night time if for sleeping, not for going out!

We've just about got it sorted though.
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Do you have a safe enclosure for him outside? If not, I'd really take advantage of the fact that he doesn't want to go out, and keep him in He's a lot safer and much more protected from disease, injury, or death.

Welcome to TCS by the way! Look forward to hearing more about Jack!
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He may not feel safe outside, may feel he cannot defend himself from dangers. He is probably staying around because of instinct, trying not to get killed.
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WHY do you want him outside? IMO the cat is smart - he knows where its safer. Most people have a problem with the cat trying to go out
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Has he ever been outside?
I would not worry since it has been only 1 week since his neutering. Wait until his hormones settle and he may venture outside on his own.
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Why do you want him to go out? He is a lot safer inside.
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was he outside before? I'd take advantage of him not wanting out! We just got a foster in with a broken leg because he got hit by a car!
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