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My cat Mythie has started going outside the litter box. She started some time ago on and off. She has been to the vet twice for a check up and they can't find anything wrong with her.

She doesn't pee so much outside. It's more of a number 2 problem.

She has also developed this habit of over grooming her lower half and she has been plucking off the hair around her bum and on her lower legs and stomach.

Both times they checked the anal gland and it was not impacted.

I have 3 cats and 3 litter boxes and they each in a bathroom of their own.

About 3 days ago she went on the bed... So we took her to the vet.....
She was at the vet about 48 hours ago and the vet gave her an allergy shot to stop irritation and itching and that seems to have calmed her down but this evening she has started the over grooming of her tail and the irritated kicking of her back legs again...

Is this an allergy?

(She doesn't have fleas.... )
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It could be an allergy problem. Is this cat overweight? Overweight cats can have a hard time grooming.

As for the pooping outside the box maybe you need to try different types of boxes and/or litter.
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Have you tried adding more litter boxes and using cat attract to let her know where the boxes are and to use them? When one of mine is not feeling great they will not share boxes. I had 7 out for 5 cats but they only use 3 of them - so I keep 5 boxes out just in case.

I hate to ask but are you scooping regularly. Some cats will poop outside the box as a protest at a dirty box. If the boxes are scratched they can get bacteria from urine in the scratches and the cats can smell it.

As far as the over grooming, it gets worse the more they do it, so I would get an e-collar for her until the fur starts to grow back in normally (it itches when growing back in and causes them to groom more). Ask your vet if you can get a cream to help with it in the mean time as well.
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