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In memory of Blinc (Laura)

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I just read a PM from Anne about a woman we both knew on another forum for married adults (the one I met Anne on before she started this site)

Her name was Laura, and she went by the name of Blinc both at that forum and on this one where she was also a member for awhile until she started her own forums (not cat related) and didn't have much time to post here.

Anne just told me she recently learned that Blinc had brain surgery this past summer and did not make it through the surgery.

I feel so bad, because Laura was such an outgoing wonderful person and I wish I had known this sooner, but both Anne and I had lost touch with her.

Here is a thread from the very beginning if you want to check it out that has a post by Blinc in it, she was our very first member here.

I feel so bad about this.

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Bumping this thread back up
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I am so sorry about Blinc.

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Oh man. What a terribly sad thing. I'm so sorry for the loss of her friends and family.

I post at another site and in the twenties section a young lady passed away suddenly from an blood clot that broke free from her leg and traveled to her lungs and suffocated her. Such a tragic tragic loss. Her sister came online to tell everyone because she knew how active her sister was at that site and wanted her friends to know. The whole thing was completely surreal. This girl posted all the time and I truelly felt like I had lost a friend.
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I know what you mean....I sometimes wonder if any of us were to suddenly die (God forbid) if most of us have someone who could come here and tell us what happened so that we would know. I have one friend who has visited this site and psoted a few times, that lives only a mile from me, so I think maybe I should tell her if anything should happen to me, to please come here and tell you all.

Colby, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend at the other forum.
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Debby, and Colby, I'm seeing this thread late, but my feelings are just as sincere. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sorry Debby.

I also knew the girl that Colby was discussing and it was surreal to hear she had passed away.

I've often thought I wonder if any of our members here who have 'left' actually have had something bad happen. I guess we'll never know though.
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