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need abit of advice please

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well, as some of you may know, i recently went to get Izzy my Bengal, well the breeder said not to introduce her to my other cat's for a couple of day's, i did this & i introduced Izzy to them yesterday, but she hissed at Glamorous. so, i tried again today & she just meowed at Glamorous, but when i introduced her to Sparkle, she hissed as Sparkle did first. i know Sparkle did this when i first had Glamorous, & she hissed at me & my partner Dan, she also growls at us both. do i try again? i just want to know, as i don't want either of my other cat's running away, or feeling left out, i say left out as Izzy's, taking up alot of my time at the moment

i'd be grateful of any advice please!
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Newcomers to the household should be confined to a room by themselves for a good week or so. Its SLOW introductions.

Put the Bengal in her own room with litter pan, food, water. Let the others hear and smell only. Then after a few days, reverse and put the resident cats in the Bengals room and let the Bengal have some supervised time in the rest of the house. This way they get to check each other out by scent only.

After a week, put the Bengal in a carrier and put in the open room for awhile. They can then check out the new cat. You have to expect hissing and growling for awhile - its natural.

When allowing them face-to-face physical contact, you can do one or two of the following:

1. Sprinkle all cats with cornstarch baby powder and rub in (they will smell the same)

2. Put a dab of vanilla extract on their noses/butt.

3. Wash everyone in the same shampoo.

All of the above will help with introductions.

When we bought Charlie home, he spent 2-3 weeks in the library and got supervised time for introductions. Took Ling several months of ignoring, hissing, and growling before she decided to accept him. She's not 100% accepting and we've had him a year now.

Females tend to be more territorial then males when it comes to newcomers. They take a lot longer for acceptance.
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thanks for that!

very very useful
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