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Sunday What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!

Mild here today again, must be our January Thaw. I am very tired today, coughed most of the night, boy that must be the most annoying thing next to an earache or toothache.

Heading off to work for a bit but don't plan to hang around to long, my biggest plans for today is a nice long nap this afternoon. Was suppose to have dinner with my aunt but will have to see how I am feeling later.

The kitties are already napping, lucky guys.

Everyone have a good day
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I'm just cleaning today. The dishes need to be done; the bed has to be changed, and our bedroom is a disaster. Maybe we'll hit a movie later. Anybody see Atonement yet? We've both been interested, but haven't heard any "real world" reviews.
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It's freezing here today - we had a heavy frost overnight that took the local authorities by surprise, so none of the roads had been gritted. On our early morning jaunt out to collect daughter and her friends and drop the friends off at the airport, we met some black ice on the untreated roads and took a bit of a skid. Nothing bad happened though, thankfully.

It's Cup day in the football, so hubby's glued to the TV for most of the day.

Daughter's boyfriend is coming to "meet the parents" tonight - he must be scared to death, he seems a nice lad though.

Apart from that, just relaxing and preparing for a return to work tomorrow after the Christmas break
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Not much going on today. Bringing the boyfriend to work for 11, then going to the gym. Then probably just hanging out watching a movie or more Nip Tuck. I've become addicted to that show, I love it. I also need to clean, but dont want to.
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afternoon all! (it's afternoon here)

am off out to my boyfriend's parents house, for our weekly visit! then after, am doing nothing yay!
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I'm at work right now, but will be leaving soon. I'm going to go run (it's close to 70C) then bake a chicken for lunch/dinner. I also need to clean a bit, but after that I'm going to relax.
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Just going out to make a couple of exchanges for Christmas presents and then coming back to veg...

I hope that by tomorrow most of my symptoms are well enough so that I can exercise...I haven't been in 2-3 weeks and its showing!
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Church at 10am, then after we come home will get the rest of the wash done
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Taking care of John again today and continue trying to not catch what he's got!
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It's 10:30 already and I haven't done anything. So lazy.

I'll go take a shower, make breakfast and then clean a little. This afternoon, I might go to the museum. I just started learning more about photography, and I think they have a photography exhibit. That will give me something to shoot for.
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I drove out to Cincinnati yesterday to visit my bf so I think we are going to the zoo today! I love zoos! The prices are half off until February too so that makes it even better . He wanted to go to the Newport Aquarium, but tickets there are $20/person! We can pay $20 at the zoo and have our parking and both of our admission paid.
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We have no idea whats on our agenda for the day. I think I might do some more registering for wedding gifts, and then book our hotel on Isle of Palms for 2 nights. Rob needs to go get a tux sized, but no one seems worried about anything but what *I* have to do!! Might do some laundry, at least finish what I started yesterday with it. Run to the store to grab some bread and stuff to drink (we have NOTHING to drink in this house!!!)

And hopefully just RELAX for a day!
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Today, I am going to salsa with Leyder from Cuba teaching. So handsome and a good dancer. Every woman's dream.
Might go later to see Atonement with hubby.
Trying a new recipe - Ratatouille with rice - from the Ratatouille cookbook. It is vegetarian night. My carnivore hubby would prefer steak, but I plan the meals and cook them. Never mess with the cook!
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It's my day off (finally) so I'm catching up on cleaning, and recovering from the draining effects of my drama filled work place. I can't wait until the new manager takes over, the new building is opened, and chaos is over. I had to buy out my vacation last year due to not enough managers to take it and not enough time to take it before it was lost so I am really ready for one. Unfortunately I only get two weeks a year and I like to take them on our birthdays( at the end of the year!) so if I do that, I'll have to wait a whole year to get one.
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Nothing exciting going on here.
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Well, I did something constructive today. I had a pile of old stuff that I wanted to get rid of (still good, but I don't need it) and since it's not raining or snowing today, I put it on the sidewalk with a sign that says "free". Hopefully it will all be gone by the end of the day.

Now I'm gonna go finish my laundry and cleaning.
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More cooking!

I'm making a huge pot of soup and freezing it into 1 cup portions for lunches.

Then I have to do a load of laundry. I have rehab tomorrow and I need to wash the clothing I use for exercise.

And I want to work on some art.
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We're resting today after a loud rockin' evening of Rock Band with some friends. I have to venture out for groceries at some point.

Today's my father's 85th birthday.

Maybe I'll play with my new camera and get some shots of the kitties.
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Its very foggy today due to the melting snow and the temps in the upper 30's.
I smacked my left index finger this morning and the joint turned black and blue already!!
Worked most of the morning on my business acct stuff-good thing DH is a CPA !! Still have a ways to go yet!!
Put a beef roast in the crock pot for dinner tonite.
Just going to veg for the rest of the afternoon!!

Has a bit of excitement late yesterday afternoon. Lets just say that there is one less possum in our area.
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I woke up this morning to our dog Whiskey using the restroom in the house yet again! - we're having issue after issue with him- health problems have been ruled out so we're treating him as behavioral. So until we re-potty train him, he's being crated not only when we're away from home now, but also at night. I feel aweful about it- but i don't have much other choice, so we're working to retrain him. Once i got to work i had a really long morning at work - one of the other officers brought in dog that was in pretty bad shape while i was doing meds. It's a sweet little chow- really abused dog came in with two collars that had been severly embedded in his neck -so the entire neck area is massively infected and absessed. He also has a huge gash on his leg that is absessed He's going to the vet tomorrow -he can use some vibes. I also had one of our puppies start seizing on me and another one vomiting everywhere, then to top it off, the water hose sprayed me in my face while i was giving all the dogs water. It was a long morning! I'm hoping for a more slow day tomorrow!

After work i came home and made some lunch and took a shower. Now we're just hanging around the house until our meeting tonight with the wedding photographer. I'm hoping all goes well and we wind up choosing this one- he seems good!
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today...some cleaning gotta get our bedroom done and my car...then the kitchen need to do some major organizing in there...not sure what else
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