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Adventures of The Bean

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Gonna git that cat behind the window!

It's a's a's.....oh, it's just the mailman.

Going where no cat has gone before! Along the craggy cliffs in the dangerous jungle, sneaking upon my unsuspecting prey when..... and.....hey..... who flushed?

Nitey nites!

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aww! that's so cute, bless hehe
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Awww, so cute!
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Awww, great shots you got What a cutie pie!
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I love that last picture, I love pictures of furkids sleeping with human kids
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Awwww!!! I love your pictures! Bean is so pretty!
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Sooooooooo adorably cute! Bean is the perfect name.
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Great pictures and hilarious comments! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed watching your post!

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Bean is adorable! Looks so cozy on that human heat pad!
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Great pictures. Bean is gorgous. Had a giigle at the commentary.
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