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An Outrageous Act Of Cruelty

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Warning, the content of this article is a very disturbing account of a cat's death. Continue at your own risk.

Whatever else you do, please don't call these brat creatures animals....that would be the greatest insult to all animals.
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Obviously they have allowed demons to control their minds, otherwise they wouldn't have done such a horrific thing.

absolutely disgusting. I wish I hadn't read it, it has made my stomach burn, and made my heart sick.
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Just horrible. Those boys need serious psychological treatment. How could anyone do anything so horrific and heinous? I hope they all get the maximum punishment.

That poor thing.

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................momentarily beyond comment ..... boys in my high school used to joke about that and also kittens and garbage disposals In fact, when one of the boys in my school killed the neighbor's tomcat, he & his brother used acid to make the cat skeleton & got extra credit in biology; karma did catch up with him though, he burned to death in a military helicopter crash, altho everyone else in the crash escaped with moderate injuries. OMG, that poor, poor cat & the grieving family..Godspeed over RB, dear kitty.
Such cruelty is on par with burning women & children to death in a church in Kenya
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The really sad part is that the way the criminal justice system is today, they wont get more than a few years in a juvinile facility if that. That means the 15 year olds might do 3 years. Then they will be back on the streets again, and most states can not inforce mental health treatment so chances are they wont recieve that either. I fear these kids may be headed down a very serious and long road, if they are willing to do that to an animal, whos to know what they could do to anything or anyone else?
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Liek blonderebel said, because of their age they won't face much

That is just sickening and not the first case of major animal abuse in the news for that city in the past few months either

What is with people to even think about doing something like that? They supposedly are friends of the family's daughter too?
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Three years in an institution are nothing to sneeze at. Being in one of those places is torture.
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Sadly, if the kids DO this NOW - what about later? This is basically a cry that these boys / kids are sickos NOW and desperately need attention/help/treatment.

what about the GFs, Wives, children and other people they may kill, maim, beat or torture to death in later years? Because that's the road they are headed down... serial killers start out this way folks, as do serial rapists who then go on to murder.

Thugs and gangstas do this sort of thing - it is a very sad
commentary on the type of children that have been brougth into the world, on where they live, and what they've been exposed to by their elders and betters...

They have lost (or never had) the basically "normal" human ability to
have compassion. Research shows that drug abuse by moms while
pregnant, abuse in the home, (beatings etc), emotional neglect and
trauma (sexual abuse) can all lead to these types of behaviors
in children. Such "children" -- with profoundly disturbed minds as
they possess, go onto bigger prey when they get bigger and
stronger themselves...
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I really do not understand how can someone do something so cruel without having hard feelings about it and somehow enjoy it, children can be very cruel with animals if they are not educated. I live in a rural area in greece and i've heard of children doing nasty things to dogs/cats. The only fault is the lack of education. If someone do not like animals I respect that, they can just ignore them but it is a different story to torture them.
I wish this people really get what they deserve, like the guy that burned in the helicopter crash...
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It can't be just abuse. I and many people I know have been abused as children, and I and the majority of them are quite tender-hearted... maybe more so, because they know how horrible it is to be helpless. I mean, yeah, you've got a larger chance of being an abuser if you are abused yourself; but it's still a minority--most people don't.

It isn't a lack of empathy, either. I am told that "empathy" means that if someone else is feeling something, you automatically feel it too. But I've never done that; my emotions are my own, uninfluenced by how others feel. It's probably because I'm autistic... which gives me, I guess, a more distanced but more highly thought out view of others; and possibly a more logical type of compassion. Still, it proves that a lack of empathy doesn't mean you'll hurt others. It could actually mean the opposite... overcompensating, having a huge amount of compassion (that is, a mental wish to have others be happy) to make up for it.

There's really only one true explanation... Everyone in the world has good impulses and bad impulses; and if you give in to bad impulses, it gets easier and easier. These kids made choices--repeated, small choices--and eventually it got bad enough that their consciences didn't stop them from doing something like this. Good parenting can help you make the right choices; but if you don't want to, no amount of help will change that. Even the youngest of them, at 13, is old enough to understand right and wrong; and he chose wrong.
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What a heartbreaking story. Those boys deserve the old "EYE FOR AN EYE" treatment. I dont care how old they are. They knew better! Unless they were homeless from the moment they were born, or had phycopathic parents, they knew better. I WONT even give them the benifit of the doubt of having a mental disorder. They're just sicko's!

And as for Juvi prison being hard time. You're wrong. I went there for running away to many times when I was a kid. We had cable tv, internet, great food, cozy beds and blankets, everything a teenager could want. It wasn't bad at all! It was better than being at home...

The 12 y/o will pretty much get off completely with maybe counsiling and probation. The other 3 will get a little bit more, but not much. Those charges dont even amount to 2 years in juvi! So you think they will get 2 years, that means they'll get out in 6 months! You only have to serve a fourth of your time to quilify for parole!

This is a sad story, and unfortunatly no matter what, there is no happy ending. Those people will never have their baby back, and nothing now can change the way he left the world!
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I guess it depends on which one you land in. The descriptions I've read have ranged from "tough boarding school" to "chaos and anarchy". Some kids end up in private places, where they can be literally tortured (some have died, and what's sad is these kids are the kind who just got caught with a joint and were given a "lighter" sentence at the reform school)... They don't do anything to rehabilitate them either way, too tough or not tough enough.

Poor little torbie kitty... I wish we knew her name.
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There appears to be updates......

Presumably, the quotes from the mother of the one teen boy would be accurate. My god, how disconnected from reality can a parent be? Those comments, in light of the (alleged) acts, should be a wake-up call for all of us with children.
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Dunno. Peer pressure can be pretty awful, and if you don't know who you are, then it's likely enough that you might stand by and let someone kill a cat--her story's plausible, but it's just as likely that she's covering for her kid. They'll get him for breaking and entering, anyway. That is, if they don't get a mistrial because somebody put their names up on the web. (How stupid can you get? Any lawyer would jump on that...)
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
Poor little torbie kitty... I wish we knew her name.

* her name is Princess
* one of the perpetrators had already lit his younger brother on fire, causing the sibling to be hospitalized in a burn unit for weeks.
OMG, those boys are sick, sick, sick
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Hell would have to freeze over to convince me that therapy would help people like these lot, infact their not worthy of it

Their seats in hell already have their names on them
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their schoolmates seem to want justice for Princess - as one boy in the article said, "Oh, yeah, they're going to get beat up for sure!"....I know that vigilante justice is scary, but hopefully the outrage in this case will get any copy-catters to think twice about doing such a heinous thing!
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How could people do this? I've heard of this kind of thing all over the internet but I've never heard of it actually being committed.
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I must admit, I didnt get through the whole article!! I got as far as the "microwave"......couldnt go any farther!
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What is wrong with some people? I cannot beleive humans like this walk the earth.
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OMG that makes me sick to my stomach how that cat died That is horrible!!
I just don't understand how anyone that has a heart could do that type of thing to any animal. Animals are part of what makes the world a beautiful place. Just breaks my heart hearing about that cat & any animal that is subject to abuse or death. Can't see how someone could possible do something that horrible.

RIP to a beloved cat who was taken too soon
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
I must admit, I didnt get through the whole article!! I got as far as the "microwave"......couldnt go any farther!

...... I'm glad I didn't click the article now. I just can't stand anything like that. Seriously not even in movies, I always fast forward when I know an animal is going to die. I could never ever even think of doing anything to my animals that would even cause discomfort! I feel bad when it's time to trim toe nails and they get stressed! How could any sane person do anything to any living creature that invloved a microwave!?
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