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Our daughter is returning to college!

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Holiday break is over. Jenny is taking a red-eye from SFO to Elmira, NY. I am so going to miss her! She has turned into such a young lady (21 12/15). She is my confident and my soul mate.
Jen has never given us trouble. She even went to the middle school when she was in to HS to talk about no sex, no drugs, no booze. Jenny taught religious school. She is going to make a wonderful high school teacher of history.
I was hoping our bad weather would cancel her flight but we are in between storms.
I am going to miss her so much. We won't see her again until April.
I think I need some chocolate.
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I think you need some chocolate, too, Rosemary!!
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Chocolate wouldl be good!
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Sounds like you have a lot to be proud of!

Do you have a chocolate store near by?
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As the daughter who went away, I can assure you she feels similarly! It's exciting and scary and fun and homesick-inducing.

I miss my mommie all the time
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Awww big hugs to you Rosemary

I can't imagine being so far away from my daughter. As you may remember, our girls are pretty much the same age and mine will be going back to University next weekend. But, at least when she does so, she will only be in the next city and we get to see her often.

My son has moved away to another country and that is difficult. We've only seen him one in the last two years, so I share your pain.

I agree, you definitely need chocolate!!!!!! This is the nearest we have to a chocolate emoticon, you'll just have to imagine it's a whole box of them!
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That's wonderful you two have such a great relationship! My mom and I are far from that close, although when I moved out at 18, her tune on "I want you out of my house" changed pretty quick! Then it was "you can come back whenever you want."
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Aw - I remember the days when my daughter returned to university like it was yesterday (actually it wasn't that long ago - I thought she was going to be a professional student). Anyway, it's all worth it. You have to let them fly, and believe me, she will. My daughter ended up fulfilling her dream and working at her dream job after it all, and I'm sure your's will too. It's a long haul, but worth it. And yes, every time she went back to school after a break, I cried.
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