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Scratching Post

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Well, I guess it's time I get a scratching post!

My Sweety is dugging her claws everywhere. When she goes to her litter, she finishes by covering and scratching down to the box - it sounds like she's ripping everything to shreds.

And when she plays with me, I'm there stracthing her tummy, she grats my hand between her paws and licks my hand, but meanwhile she digs her claws into me. Boy, she gets me good, I don't know whether she means it - but then she pushed me away with her back legs, and hisses at me.

She's about 26 in. long- ears to toes - so I guess I need a 32" post - grr, they're so expensive.

I'd like to consult. Is a carpet one good or a sisal rope-covered post?

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She's probably getting a bit over getting skritched when she's pushing you away, I'd think. Over excited or somesuch.

What the cat likes varies from cat to cat. Hennessy likes carpet or cardboard, but not sisal (though he'll use it a little if he feel like it).

He gets cardboard... has three right now,
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You may just offer different ones....I didn't get a carpet one because I don't want her to associate carpet with scratching for obvious reasons
Hubby built a tall post and we wrapped it with sisal and she loves it. We also have a turbo toy in our bedroom that has a cardboard insert that she likes to use.
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Find a treehouse with both on it - that way the cat can choose what he likes better. IMO you should invest in a good sturdy treehouse minimum of 4 feet high. Anything else will not be used by most cats and they outgrow them quickly.

Also start trimming those nails once a week and you will cut down on scratching, biting, etc.
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When you're petting her tummy, she grabs your hand and kicks with the back feet because she's overstimulated. Just shorten your pet sessions or watch for the signs - a twitching tail is often a signal.

Also, it's really best not to play with her with your hands. You should always use a toy, or an interactive wand toy or something with her when you want to play, or she'll learn that people are toys, and won't understand why you get upset with her.

There are plenty of cardboard type scratchers out there, and they're not expensive. As someone else suggested, you can also make your own.

Cats need to scratch and stretch when they wake up - it's always best to place scratchers near the places where they sleep - even right next to them (which is why cat trees are so great - they can sleep on them, then wake up and stretch and scratch right there! But the trees are expensive).

And clipping claws REALLY helps limit the damage of scratching kitties. We trained our cats to have their claws clipped by doing it one claw at a time when they're sleeping. We'd do one claw each day - be ready with the clipper and do it quick, because they wake up. Have a treat ready to put down immediately. Within a couple of months, you should be able to do an entire paw without kitty getting upset - especially if they know that treat is coming.

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