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a couple food questions.....

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I have a new kitten that wants to eat my adult cats food and the
adult cat wants to eat the kitten's food. Would it be better to feed
them both kitten food OR would it be better to mix it half and half(half
adult,half kitten)and feed it to them both? The other cat is a neutered male thats about 1 1/2 and weighs 11 lbs. She weighs 3 lbs and is 3 months old. They are both eating Nutro Indoor dry formula...can't get them to eat anything wet.

Next question....why is it okay to feed a cat lots of varietys of
good wet food but its not okay to change dry food often? Everyone
recommends feeding a variety of wet,but to SLOWLY change from
one dry food to another. I don't get it.....please help!

I just got a new Siamese snowshoe kitten who is absolutely
adorable. If I remember right,when my other cats were kittens
they had kinda stinky poo that wasn't real firm(they weren't
sick or wormy)and then they outgrew it and their poo turned
normal. This kitten's poo is on the soft side,but not liquidy nor
is she going more often than normal and its not sticking to her
butt and she acts great....so is it a problem? the food she is

Last question....I promise.
When looking for a good dry kitten food...what is the percentage of
protein and what is the % of fat I should be looking for??? The breeder
of my siamese kitten was using PUrina kitten chow(40% protein 12-13%
fat) which is really "off" from the nutro I switched her to.... plus,why is
Purina kitten chow "bad"...its been around for years and many cats have
been fine on it...don't plan to switch- just trying to understand.

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Kitten chow is NOT bad ... but MAIN ingrediants ground yellow corn, poultry by product ...corn is the LEAST digestable of common grains ... poultry by products can be anything that flys heads, feet, intestines, undeveloped eggs .. Basically the protein from this food is MOSTLY from a grain cats are OBLIGATE carnivores thus most will say meat based protein is better

nutro chicken meal , rice ( think grd) ... chicken meal the part of the chn you and I would eat with a % of bone minus 90 fat and most of the water ... ie takes 5lbs of fresh chicken to get one of meal ... chn meal in a dry food is considered by many to be the best protein ... grd rice ( white rice is the MOST digestable grain)...

I would actually give all of them the kitten food for 3 months ( see at 6 months many start moving to adult foods ) .. at that pt see if all are growing the kitten and if the adult is maintaining a proper wt ... if yes give the kitten food for a few more months ... FYI my Zoey eats NC kitten and will be 4yr s in feb
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sharky,thanks for the information! What is the % of protein and fat
people should look for in a dry kitten food? Also, why can cats eat
a variety of wet food,but must slowly change to a different dry?
How long will a big bag of adult Nutro stay fresh? I just bought a
big bag so if I only feed kitten to both,will the adult go bad? I
was trying to save $$ by buying a bigger bag.....ugh.
Any ideas about the kitten poo I mentioned?
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You can mix in the adult ... after opening it can last from a month to six depending on conditions....

Protein I look for over 33 , most are 34 and higher in kitten

how long did you switch the dry food???

Wet is 75-82% water or broth thus easier to change and not give kitty an upset tummy... dry on the other hand as seen with just the two kitten foods are very different thus why it is recommended to go slow
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