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Eye reflecting green in bright light??

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Hi all,

We got a new kitty yesterday and he's around 9 years old (will post pics soon!). When he looks up at me in the evening when there is a light above me his right eye glows green on the pupil portion. The left pupil does not glow.

Does anyone know if this means he is blind in that eye? In the daytime, his pupil appears black - not cloudy.

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Are both eyes the same color normally? If not, it may be that they reflect differently--most cats' eyes reflect green in bright light (like camera flashes), but those with blue eyes tend to reflect red. If they are the same color and only one lacks reflection, it's possible there is in issue in one eye, including blindness. It could also be part of the normal changes that happen to older kitties' eyes. Has the new kitty been to the vet and does he have a name?

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Yes, the eyes both look the same color in daylight. I googled it and it seems the glowing green part is normal so maybe it's the non-glowing one? Maybe it was the angle too...I'll have to check again. Funny, I never noticed this green eye glowing thing in Isaac (our other kitty) at all.

We get a free vet visit for adopting him so I will ask them about it.

Yes, he has a name but I was saving it for the official intro with pics I didn't get a chance to do today...maybe tomorrow. Anyway, his current name is....Mel Gibson! The shelter gave him that name. We may change it or keep it - we're not sure yet. He's a big orange, longhair manx. He's actually only 14 lbs but his fur is so long he looks enormous. He has a lion's mane too and about a 2" tail which he wags and he loves to follow us around the house. I've read Manx are the 'dogs of cats' and it would seem that's true.
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Congrats on your new kitty! I know all my cat's eyes reflect green in pictures and things. I guess ask the vet and just keep an eye on it at home till then. Noodles has a damaged pupil on one eye, but that doesn't seem to change her reflectiveness. If I'm right, the reflecting comes from the inside of the eye.
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