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Looking for some board magic

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I feel a little silly posting this, but I've seen how many times the good will of the people here have helped others.

I'm having a colonoscopy on Monday. I'm not having it because I've been sick, but because of my family history.

My Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer at 43, and passed when she was 45. Although there is not a strong history of colon cancer in her family, there is a history of abdominal cancer (her father passed of pancreatic cancer, and his mother passed of stomach cancer). But, the fact that Mom was diagnosed so young is a big red flag. The recommendation for my brother and I has been that we get a colonoscopy at least ten years before my Mom's diagnosis, which means this year for me.

I have to admit I'm rather scared. I'm not looking forward to the actual test, and I'm really not looking forward to the results. My Dad works with a young man who at 23 has already had two surgeries for colon cancer.

Colon cancer is one of the cancers, if caught early enough, has an almost 100 percent cure rate. But, right now that means little to me.

Thanks for letting me share my fears.

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Of course, you have my positive energy flowing to you. Of course you're scared, you wouldn't be human if you weren't. I hope everything turns out OK.

You probably already saw this, and it may not be appropriate (just fish-slap me if it isn't ), but try to think of some of these responses when you're in the situation or just before you go may help ease some of that tension. Colonoscopy
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I had to have one of those about a year ago... I really think the worst part of it was having to drink that stuuf the day B4. Just make sure you have plenty of Mags or a good bbok, and the phone in the appropriate place, about 20 minutes after you start drinking it, you'll be there for a while.

As for the procedure, when I had it done, the first thing they did was to put an IV in, then I got wheeled into the room and I was put to sleep (thank goodness)and then I woke up, Sandie drove me home and I slept for a while.... Hopefully they'll do the same for you

As for the results, it's better to know than not, and like you said, if they do find something, caught early enough it can be taken care of. I wish you luck, but im sure you'll be fine!
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Don't worry Christy, I'm in the same boat. My father passed away from colon cancer at the age of 55. So I'll be getting a test done when I turn 40.

I think people really worry too much about this test. And many times, they avoid this test all together because of this fear. Good for you in following through. As you said, if caught early, it can be easily treated successfully. Seeing my father pass away from colon cancer 13 years ago has easily given me the incentive to get tested. I'm really impressed with the advancement in the treatments of colon cancer.

To put your mind at ease, I heard that the worst part of the test is drinking the fluid (not the procedure). My step-father just had this test done a month ago, no problems at all. He also said trying to drink all that fluid was the worst part.

I was watching a medical show yesterday. One of the new technologies that will be coming out is a 'pill' which you swallow. This pill is actually a very small camera and data capture device. When the 'pill' goes through your system, it takes pics all the way through and sends the info to a portable pack that you strap on your waste. After 12 hours this 'pack' will have all the pics and data info. Then you pass this info to your doctor. The main reason for this technology are cancers such as colon cancer. This device will detect problems earlier without the need for such invasive precedures such as the colonoscopy.

I'm really amazed at how far and fast the technologies and survival rates have improved these past 13 years for people who are suffering with colon cancers.I just wish that my father was diagnosed earlier.
Actually, here's a link to when Katie Couric (Host of The Today Show) had her colonoscopy.


I am sure everything will go well for you because you are taking the initiative for good health! And during the procedure, to keep your mind off what is going on, start listing all the cats on The Cat Site in alphabetical order!

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I saw the "Colonoscopy" thread earlier and got a big kick out of it. I hope I'm in the right mind enough to come up with some of those great lines.


I think one of the worst parts is preparing the day before...All the warnings and side effects they warn you about, yick! But, I went to the library today and stocked up on books. Luckily, I'm getting the test done in the same hospital I work at, so I've already lined up a number of friends and co-workers who are willing to see me home.

Thanks for the good thoughts!

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Christy, my prayers and good thoughts are on their way to you!

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Adding my prayers and good wishes to the rest that will be coming in. Ken is right, the fluid is the worst but just think of something pleasant while you glug it on down.
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Sending prayers and positive energy in your direction. I hope you're ok.
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Christy! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!! I will be thinking about you on Monday!!
My father also had colon cancer. They did surgery and got it all removed. It never came back, it was a stroke he died from.

A friend I work with just had a colonoscopy last week and she said it wasn't nearly as bad as she had feared. She too said the worst part was drinking the stuff they gave her.

I am sure the results will come back just fine, but it is so good to check, just to be sure so that if anything is wrong, it can be taken care of right away.

I will try to check in when I can to see how it went! I will be thinking of you and saying prayers for you!!! **hugs**
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Oh I'm so glad I got to this thread in time! My thoughts and prayers are with you Christy! Gary had so many tubes and things shoved down his throat with the stomach problems he had in Spring of '02. I met a lot of people in those Loungs who had had colonoscopies or were with people getting them. I'm sure you're not so scared of the procedure itself, but of the results. I'm sure you'll be fine tomorrow - wish we were there to be with you! I hope you have somebody going to the hospital with you???? But I expect you're more worried about the results. And for that, too, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Christy, more thoughts and good vibes are on the way from Belgium!
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Good luck, Christy. As for the nasty drink: Bottoms up!
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More positive thoughts for you.
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Christy, (((HUGS))) my thoughts and prayers are with you. With your family history, there is no other choice than to take precautions and do whatever tests are necessary. When anything is caught early, the chances of being able to successfully treat it are more in your favor than if you would sit back and do nothing. It's a wise choice....Good luck!
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Prayers and positive thoughts from this side of the ocean too! I hope all goes well for you today and that the results are good.
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Good luck - I can't believe I posted the Colonoscopy thread! I am sorry you have to go thru this!
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Thank you all for the good wishes. Knowing I had the good thoughts of many made it easier to go through.

The preparation the night before really WAS the worst part. The test went well, although the doctor found two small polyps and biopsied them. She was VERY reassuring that it was nothing to worry about, but depending on the results I may have to have the next one in 3 years instead of 5. Now, I have to convince my brother to go have one.

I'm glad that's over and done with, and I feel so much better that I don't have to worry about cancer in the near future.

Once again, thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.


ps-Adrienne, I really enjoyed that thread. I was a little too groggy to come up with any great lines like that. All I could say was "uh-huh" when the anesthesiologist asked if I was comfortable.
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Christy, I'm glad all went well.

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I am so glad everything went well! Tell your brother that if he doesn't go he will have everyone here on his back for worrying you needlessly.
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I'm glad everything went well and mostly that it's behind you now. Whatever the results were you certainly the right thing. I hope your brother will too.
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I am so glad to hear it all went well! I have been wondering and thinking of you!!! I hope your brother will go in to be tested too!!!
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