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I just found "Runway", she is dead!!!

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I just went to the airport, to check and see if I could see Runway, I haven't
seen her in 4 or 5 days,I have been worried sick about her! When I drove into the airport, there she was lying on her back, spread Eagle, her mouth open.
She is deadI picked her up
and put her in the car, and brought her home, my dad came over and dug
a deep hole and we buried her, now he and Jace are looking for some kinda
wood to make a cross for her!
That poor angel baby! RIP my sweet doll! Bless her poor heart! I just couldn't trap her, for the people, and the police, if they had not called the law on me that day she would have been living here with us! Too much!
Way too much turmoil, sometimes I wonder, why I even do this, it is so hurtful! Ya'll can't imagine all of the things I have went through over these
ferals! People are cruel, rude and I don't care for them! All over feeding
cats, caring about cats, cats that have no one that cares about them!
So why do they care now?
The coss is made, Jace and I went out and wrote her name on it! I loved you babygirl! I will see you again someday! Look for Scream, she will take good care of you til I get there!
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Oh no!! Monique i'm so sorry This is when i can hate humans

Play happily at the bridge Runway, you were loved so much

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Oh no!! I'm so sorry that this has happened. Especially after you have tried so hard and for so long to rescue this little kitty. But at least she's now in a better place, free from harm, hunger, and cruel thoughtless humans. Rest in peace little were loved and I'm sure you knew it.
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I'm so sorry! Rest in peace Runway, you were loved.
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I am so sorry RIP Runway
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Oh no!! Monique i'm so sorry This is when i can hate humans

Play happily at the bridge Runway, you were loved so much

Thanks so much Susan!!!!ya!
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RIP Runway.
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Thanks everyone for caring! That means the world to me! your support
is always so appreciated!!!
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What a sad ending.

Play happily at the Bridge Runway.
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People can SO suck! ....but then there's the wonderful people like you that make a difference.

RIP sweet Runway, play in peace now.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. I was hoping for a better outcome, but you did all you could. She's safe now.

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*insert all appropriate expletives here*

Monique, I'm too sorry to see this here, and I agree with Susan, this is where I can really, really hate humans! RIP Runway.,.......(((((hugs)))) for the meowmy that you never knew.
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Im so very sorry, she was a beauty too.... You took good care of her and Im so sorry you didn't get to take her home, or get to know each other better!!
Im here if you wanna talk!!

RIP Runaway
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Oh no!!!

Rest in piece baby girl!
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Oh I am so so so very sorry. You are such a compassionate, special angel to have cared about her the way you did. Humans can be awful. She is at peace now and her spirit obviously was called to a better place of beauty. She will watch over you, too.
Peace & Light to you.
Elizabeth and my S3
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i am so sorry to hear this.

RIP runaway
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Oh no, I'm so sorry for your loss. And poor little runway. RIP sweet one.
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Rest in peace, sweet baby

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Thank you everyone! Everyone knows just how to make an awful thing,
so much better! Honestly, I don't know what I'd do if I had to go through
something like this all alone! You all are tops in my book!
I didn't get to touch her ever, until she died, and I petted her tiny head!It actually felt strange tonight whenever I went up there to
feed all the others and knowing she won't be there! I hadn't seen her for
several days, and it was driving me crazy, I kept telling Jace, I think she is dead, and he of course would say, "No she's not , it's just really cold!"
Which bothered me even more! She was too special, to live only a few months! So sweet and so innocent! So special! I miss her, but I do understand that where she is now, I could of never given to her, what
she is getting now!Thanks again!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Runway! At least you tried to give her a chance. No one could ask you for more. Sometimes it can be so frustrating when you are so close and then something happens. There are so many out there that need help and so many that don't make it that the ones you do save are eternally blessed to have found you.
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Am so sorry to hear about little Runway - but she's happy and playing in the fields (in safety) at Rainbow Bridge.
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Oooh no Poor Runway..I am so sorry that this happened to sad

May she rest in peace, and be properly cared for at the bridge with plenty of food and shelter.
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I am so sorry for your loss. May Runway be safe over the bridge, napping in the sunshine. Bless you for your efforts - you tried your best.
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I am so sad to hear about Runway

RIP sweet little baby
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I am sorry.

RIP Runway!
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R.I.P. Runaway.
Run and play warm and free over the bridge.

I'm so sorry for this terrible loss. I always have a hard time with the ones that never knew the warmth and love of a home. I'm sure she knew you loved her, she just couldn't overcome her fear.
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Monique... I'm so sorry and not just about Runway. I hate that it hurts us to care so much but think of the kitties we care about. Our pain brings them joy... and even in a situation like this I'm sure she knew how much you cared and she's in a happier and safe place now.
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Runway.
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