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Tigger, named by my son when we got him 11 years ago. Cause he's orange and kinda psycho and bouncy like Tigger on Winnie the Pooh. (not so bouncy now that he's older)

Cricket, cause she's black and jumps around a lot

Kahlua, cause she's a tortie and just kinda reminds me of Kahlua and Milk.

Tia,I always called her my sweet T. I miss her.
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I have 7 kitties :]

1) Zooie: Named after Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) (Movie- Zoolander) haha
2) Piper: Named after Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs) (Show- Charmed)
3) Mama: Well... she was pregnant when we got her and it stuck :]
4) Buba: Not to sure how he got that, he's one of Mama's Babies
5) Baru: Irish name my mom liked, he's one of Mama's too
6) Trinity: Name I liked, she's one of Mama's too
7) Nanna: She's a new adopted kitty and she's pregnant and Mama was taken so I call her Nanna :]
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Coco my old Cat I bought for my Sister when she was 6-8 Weeks old and she is Black&White but is Half Siamese. My Sister went to Pet Store to get one of the Siamese ones and Coco was the only one left because she didnt look Siamese. Her fur is Reddish Brown in the Sun so my Sister named her Coco.
Meeko I have had since she was a Kitten. I picked her out when she was a few weeks old. I wanted something differat.
Yoshi I got from the Mario Game
Sasha is Russian Blue Mix but looks straight Russian Blue so I used a Russian Name.
My Kitten was named Oreo when I got her so I kept her name.
In fact there is a post from when she was a few weeks old here asking about Fcks. She has that but you can not tell anymore.
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Miles was named after Miles O'Brien from Star Trek. Miles has a sister who lives with our inlaws named Deanna (Troy), my husband's side are quite the Star Trek fans.

Min is named after Min Farshaw in a book series named Wheel of Time. We nick named Min "Minja" due to the fact she enjoys hiding in the shadows and pouncing on people, since she melds so well in the dark she reminded me of a ninja... she also doesn't make a sound when she meows (silent meows are so cute! Our Min is definitely "swift like Minja!"

Nymeria is named after a wolf in the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Nymeria has a husky little bark and howl instead of meowing. I have nicknamed her Pooka because... well she is darn mischievous, and is always up to no good and at the same time being all the more entertaining in the process.
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When I was growing up we had Gampy, which was allegedly short for Gabriella, but who was really named after my Grandparent's restaurant.
Then there was Sargent Pepper, who was a black and white scamp. Called him Sarge.

With Ishy.. I had recently made a friend who insisted that cats needed names like "General Lambshanks of the 45th Battalion" so when your friends came over you could say "This is Lamby. You can call him "sir"." Ishkhara was a priestess of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar from the epic of Gilgamesh, and it seemed to fit into the "pretentious names" theory.
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Lucky-kids named her because she is lucky I found her
Gus- named after the Gus-Gus the fat mouse in Cinderella
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Trout is named after Trout (the fish species) because she is cute and Troutfish are cute
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Sliver: She has this unique white sliver mark down her left eye.
Snowball: His name used to be Orion but he just looked like a big white fluffy snowball.
Sage: He needed a mellow name because hes a mellow boy.
Sushie: We always loved the name & our little torti fits it purrfectly.
Spooky: We originally named her Sugar but her personality didn't fit that name so we renamed her.
Spici: Shes very moody & that name fit her purrsonality because you never know which spice she will be.
Shilo: Shes a shy girl who is always creeping low to the ground.
Sadee: We loved this name & it just seemed to fit our little girl.
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Last year at this date I got pregnant. Me and my boyfriend were starting to look for a name and Zoé and Tania were two names we both liked if it was a little girl (we are french, so that's where the french names came from). Unfortunatly, I lost the baby at week 11 of my pregnancy (I was told after the first three months are when it's most likely to happen). A few months later, we adopted two little kittens, two beautiful sisters. The names came up naturally, Zoé and Tania! They helped us live through this and brighten our home.
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Lorelei and Carter both came with their names from the shelter. I haven't found out where Lorelei got her name. Lorelei was introduced to me when I first started volunteering, and it seemed strange to change her name because it just seemed to suit her - so exotic and pretty like her. She's my pretty lady

Carter comes from a litter where all the kittens have names starting with C - his siblings were CiCi, Chantel, Carson, and one more that I can't recall that already got adopted out. I knew him since before he and his litter were named, and he'd been called all kinds of things by me, though I started calling him "Bastet" after the Egyptian goddess and because it rhymed with "basket". Since he loooooved baskets. I decided Carter was a good name for him and it stayed when I adopted him. Except now I've been calling him "Chirp" or "Mr. Chirp" a lot more than "Carter."
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Trinity-She's a calico so tri color=Trinity. Matt actually thought of that one after we had met her the night before we brought her home and it just fit.
Bentley- He has a bend in the middle of his tail so when he first arrived, I started calling him "Bent". About a day later I decided that Bentley would be the perfect name for him.
Mercury-As in the element mercury. He is blue so his color is kind of like that of Mercury. Also, Mercury was a messenger in Roman mythology and my Mercury likes to run around the house "talking" so the name fit him.
Nemo-Actually Nemo got his name because I sucked at finding a name for him. He was at my house for a full two weeks with no name. Nothing seemed good enough for my odd eyed beauty! Eventually one day I was searching sites and I came across the name Nemo, which apparently means no name. Since Nemo was also an incredibly cute fish, I decided Nemo it was!
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Beacon - I am thinking that whomever found Beacon and turned her into the Humane society, found her at night; being all black the only thing that would have given her away would have been the glow of light reflecting off her retinas, lighting her up like a beacon.

Sox - Originally named Alex at the Humane Society, but Alex just didn't seem to fit, so I really bedated on what name I was going to call him. My folks came for Thanksgiving about a week after I got him and mom liked Sox, since it looks like he is wearing four white crew socks on his paws.
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I'm surprised there are no other Toby's so far in the list!

My cats' names keep getting longer and longer and longer...

King Toby the Tubby, otherwise known as Tobo the Hobo, originally named Tobias, with the monster truck name of "Tobster" adapted to "Toaster"...-- When we got him from the Dumb Friends' League, his name was Sparky(really, who names a cat sparky?) and obviously that was not a fitting name for my sweet kitten! Since my brother owned a cat named Rachel, I decided to name him Tobias, as they were a couple in my favorite childhood book series, Animorphs. Toby is named after a human/alien/bird named Tobias. How awesome is that? ^_^ And because Trina was the Queen, he became the King. As his wasteline expanded, he became the Tubby, and he became the Hobo after every time I'd walk with him outside, he'd roll around in the dirt. Therefore, he was a hobo.

Queen Catrina Bella(trix) the Anorexic, AKA Thumbellina. Originally named Trinity, with the common name of "Trina Bella". When we were looking over kitties, the woman we bought them from had names for the other two.. "Fah-Tso" and Fah-Tswan". If you speak it out loud, you'll get why I was a little shocked, haha. But miss Trina was "the red-point". She was the only one of the kitties who actually responded to sound and was curious as to her environment, so we picked her! I wanted a "T" name, and thought of "Trini" from Power Rangers, and made it fancy by calling her "Trinity". Then I added "Cat" to the beginning of "Trina", then "trix" to Bella after finally getting over my grude against Harry Potter. She's known as the Anorexic because she's SO skinny and tiny, and Thumbellina because she has extra toes. Yay Hemmingway kitties!

Whew! As for the kittens that popped out of her two months later(the breeder we got her from was obviously not the most responsbile)...

Indy--His full name is Indiana Jones, because he was the most adventurous of his siblings.
Jackie--Fully named Jackie Sparrow, she got an eye infection that only affected one of her eyes when she was about three weeks old and reminded us of a Pirate. Therefore.. Jackie Sparrow!
Rusty--Originally named Krusty, he had the worst of the eye infections that made his eyes all crusty. Because he was such a BEAUTIFUL flame point, we started calling him Rusty.
Cordy--Full name Cordelia. Her umbilical chord took the longest to fall off, thus we named her cordy! She was such a ditz..
Abby--Named Absinthe. I gave her to one of my friends, who thought the name "Absinthe" was beautiful, never mind the alcohol. The vet looked strangely at us when we told him her name.
Luke and Princess Leia--My friend Katya's dad died, so I allowed her to name two of the kittens. Naturally, being an awesome geek, she named them after Star Wars!

Whew, I type too much. ^_^;;;;
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The shelter named them. We thought it suited them well enough, and kept the names.
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Nina: Was named this by the rescue, I thought of changing it, but it fit her perfectly! She was just so sweet, thoughtful, patient, quiet, polite..never making any trouble, just always wannting to be in my lap! She couldn't have had a better name!

Snow: Was orginally named Sparkle by the rescue, but I didn't really like that for her.. she is pure white long-haired with beautiful green eyes and her fur is super soft and silky just like fresh fallen snow! She's very smart and loves to sleep on my pillow or lap and is very playful too. I liked Snow better than snowball or snowflake, and think it will carry well into aduldhood as she gets more elegant.

Audrey: Was named this by the rescue and I thought of changing it to Autumn or Summer, but this name just fits her too well! The rescue named her after Audrey Hepburn and she has a sweet, trusting personality! She'll give little licks and since she's maine coon mixed she has such pretty meows! She a gorgeous kitty with the prettiest biggest green eyes that makes everyone just fall for her!!
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Duchess- When I got her as a kitten, she sat around with this snotty look on her face. I had a dog named Princess at the time so I opted for Duchess.
Stormi- She is the color of a storm cloud.
Tigger- He is an orange tabby and I love Disney movies. ( I know, not very original.)
Simba_ Same as above
Nala- She is Simba's litter mate but she is a gray tabby.
Sophie - I just liked the name and she looks like a sophie.
SweetPea- She was named when I got her and the name really suits her. She is such a sweetheart.
Gandalf- He is solid grey so he is named after Gandalf the Grey from Lord of the Rings.
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When I was 5 my family had a cat that we named Ring (short for ring around the collar). She was all black except for a white ring that went around her neck. When I was 7, Ring had 3 kittens that we named JC, Koko and Midnight. My brother named JC after himself (Jason). I named Koko after the gorilla that knows sign launguage. I don't remeber why my sister named her kitten Midnight.

We now have two more kittens, Ripley and Cali. My family and I live less then 10 miles from Disneyland (in California) so we are HUGE Disney fans and we go to Disneyland A LOT. Not only is my brother a Huge Disney fan but he is also a HUGE train fan. We named Ripley after Walt Disney's (and my brothers) favorite train at Disneyland (E.P. Ripley). Cali got her name after another Disney park across the enterence from Disneyland CALIfornia Adventure.
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Hrh: Was originally named storm but her princess like qualities soon led her to be nicknamed Her royal highness and eventually HRH, now she answers to nothing else.

Mooch: My flatmate saw him and spontaneously yelled out MOOCHOO! This scared the kitten senseless and he hid under a bed for a day, but thats how he acquired the name.

Bailey: He needed a name as i was onto day 3 of calling him Babycat. I like the name bailey and it suits him.
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