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Nikita back from the cattery

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I went away for Christmas and Nikita spent 2 weeks in a cattery. When I got her back she meowed a lot (I mean really a lot) telling me all about her stay and how unfair I'd been leaving her like that.

Now I've been forgiven and she's getting her energy back. I'm under the blanket there it doesn't really show well but she's resting her head on the heel of my foot in the first picture for example.

She's slept on my bed since I got back (she doesn't always), closed doors (including the bathroom door) are Forbidden and she keeps me in her eyeline most of the time. She's getting over her 'trauma' though and she's getting back to her manic self quite quickly.

Anyway photos!

No shame, whatsoever

Happy dreams

A portrait, her eyes are so pretty (hey I've been away from her for 2 weeks I'm allowed to rediscover how beautiful she is)

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Beautiful indeed~~ And her eyes are gorgeous!!
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She does look beautiful as always

Now, no more leaving her like that! I can tell she's glad to have you back.
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Nikita was telling you just how she felt about your separation.
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Nikita is beautiful as always, she's just making sure you don't leave
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She is so gorgeous!
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She'll be pasted up against you for awhile until she decides if it's safe to leave you alone and that you won't run off again.
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well, her little plan worked, you feel bad now don't ya! hehehe! What a beauty, lucky you and her!
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She looks so happy to be home!! And she is stunning!!
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She is just telling you that she was not happy about you leaving. She is beautiful as always!
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She really is beautiful and those eyes!...
I love how she's letting you know how much she's missed you!
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She looks like she's happy to be home! Beatiful kitten!
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Wow! She is stunning.
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