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Comfy kitty

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When I moved, I piled a lot of my stuffed animals on one side of the bedroom until I could figure out where to store them. That was when Faile decided they would make a nice bed, and they are still there almost a year later.

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Brenda, Do you know about my weakness for black cats? I have had so many, since I started when I was just a little girl. I think Faile is absolutely beautiful. He should have the stuffed animals!
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I'm so glad you posted a pic of Faile. She's beautiful, and does look very comfy on her animals.
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She!! I'm sorry, Faile.
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Great pic! Reminds of that scene in ET where he hides amongst the stuffed toys ...
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Cute! She looks so comfortable!
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Where did you come up with the name Faile? is it from WoT?
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Myste, I was thinking the same thing! GMTA!
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Thanks everyone! She is definitely a beauty, my one friend calls her beautiful but crazy. She is a bit wild at times.

Myste and Mom of 10 Cats: Yes, she is named for the character Faile in Wheel of Time. I was really into the books at the time we found her/she found us. She was a stray, so she was like Faile who was also in the world on her own.

Jeannie, I didn't realize you have a weakness for black cats. I love their eyes, they are so intense. She still has the stuffed animals, she and Molly get most of what they want. I know who's in charge in my house, and it isn't anyone with 2 legs.
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