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Ditto crossed just this morning. I don't know if it was a relapse, but my baby is safe and comfortable now after so much I did for him it hits even harder!! We were buddies, he was so attached to me. It's so hard to think about him not being here anymore.

RIP Ditto, I loved you so much!!!
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Oh no! I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Ditto.
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Oh how sad.
Rest is peace sweet Ditto.
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I am so sorry to hear about Ditto, RIP sweet baby to you
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I am so sorry to hear about Ditto passing.

RIP, sweet baby.

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I am so sorry to hear about Ditto. RIP sweetie!
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Play hard at Rainbow Bridge, Ditto!
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What a gorgeous baby he is as well I'm so sorry

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Oh no, I am so sorry for your loss

RIP sweet angel
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RIP Ditto.
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Today just isn't our day! I'm so sorry for your loss! Just not a good day!
RIP sweet angel Ditto!! I hope you see Runway on the bridge and hold
paws as you cross over! we won't forget ya'll!
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I'm really sorry. What you were describing is exactly what kittens at the humane society here get, & many do not ever recover. You did what you could for him. You cared for him....and remember, he died loved.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Ditto! Sandy Paws will take care of ya...he'll teach you all kinds of naughty things.
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Poor poor Ditto. At least he can be with Sunflower now
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i'm so sorry for your loss!! RIP Ditto, and play well over the bridge!
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Not Ditto! What a cute little kitty. RIP sweetie
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Awww I'm sorry. I just went through and read your posts on him. You've been through so much. At least he is in a better place. RIP Ditto.
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Im sorry!! This is terrible news!! Runaway and Ditto all in one day just stinks!!

I can't tell you enough how sorry I am....

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I'm so sorry about Ditto. At least he knew he was loved. Bless your heart.

RIP Ditto.
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Rest in peace, sweet baby

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I am sorry.....
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Ditto.
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oh my goodness, i am soo sad to hear about this i absolutely loved seeing that sweet little kitten's face in all of your siggys- always brought such a smile to my face. I am soo sorry for your loss RIP Ditto
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Rest in Peace Little Ditto
May you run through catnip filled fields, drink from rivers of ice cold water, & prance around all day with your new friends
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sorry to learn that Ditto's left us for a healthier place... i think it's so hard when they're so young!
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I am so sorry..I have only just seen this thread May Ditto rest in peace, and be free of pain now
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I am so sorry about your recent losses. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been so close together.
It comforts me that even knowing they can never be replaced in our hearts, every time a beloved kitty goes to the Bridge, he or she can be honored by giving a loving home to a kitty that desperately needs it when it is time. You will know when the time comes. My dear Fred brought me 3 desperate kittens when he visited me on different occasions. He knew my house was getting too empty. I feel like he will always be with me, guiding me.
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I'm so sorry you lost your adorable little guy. I'm sending my prayers to you and your family.
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Rest in Peace Ditto
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