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My cats

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Here's my beautiful Smudge and Suki
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Smudge and Suki are absolutely gorgeous.

Two beautiful black and white kitties.
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aww! your cat's are so beautiful
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thank you both for your comments. yes they are aren't they? they are sisters, both 9 years old, had them for 14 months now.
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You needed a cuteness alert on this thread!

Wow are they beautiful! Is Smudge the one with the black spot on her nose?
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Beautiful kitties!
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I love them!
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They are both gorgeous, I have two black and whites myself.
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Ahh what cute kitties...
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They're both gorgeous!!!
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They are so gorgeous. I especially like the black smoosh over the nose of the one on the right. Very cute!

It almost looks like an arrow pointing down and to the right, as if to say, "Please insert food here."


Both are stunning cats.
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Thank you all for the lovely comments. Yes Smudge is the one with the spot on her nose. I'll add some more pics of them later
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Here are a couple more pics of my babies
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aww! hun, they are so sweet

when you want to put more picture's on here, just make another thread, because i don't think many people will look in this one for the new picture's
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