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Gone but not forgotten...
I feel great sorrow over the loss of Tatiana, the beautiful tiger who lost her life at the San Francisco zoo recently.

Play in the sun at the Bridge beautiful lady.
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Beautiful Tatiana, I feel for your loss. My heart aches that such a beautiful creature as yourself, was needlessly destroyed, due to the careless acts of some ignorant humans. May you be there at the bridge, to greet all our furbabies with happy tiger chuffs. Tatiana, I never met you, but I sure feel the pain of your loss from this world
RIP Beautiful Tatiana
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Sometimes people suck. That is absolutely terrible that they destroyed her!!

RIP Tatiana
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RIP you innocent, sweet soul.
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I am so saddened over your tragedy Tatiana. R.I.P.
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RIP. It never should happened!
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R.I.P. Tatiana!
Enjoy your freedom and all the space you could ever want to run.
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Rest in Peace you beautiful girl
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