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Running Water

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Blossom loves to get into everything including the washing machine while its fulling with water.

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aww! that is so sweet
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Shark and Arwen either sleep in the bathtub or sink, whichever takes their fancy.

Also, Arwen doesn't like drinking from her water bowl, she would rather wait until we run the cold water tap, and she will jump up to the sink and drink it that way. Maybe she enjoys the feel of it on her tongue? I will never know..
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brave kitty!
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Very cute pictures!
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Mine do that too!!

Very cute pics though!!
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She's helping with the laundry, making sure the water temp is just right.
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LOL! That's so funny! What is it with cats and moving water? The Bean loves the sinks, the toilet (gotta keep the lid down) and the shower right after we get out. He pads through it and gets his paws wet.

And I thought cats didn't like to get wet?

Love your funny pictures! Cute!
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How cute!

Bayley loves running water too, its adorable!
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great!!! the funniest things that they come up with and are interested in.
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You must have been laughing your butt off. Glad she didn't fall in.
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