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First foster of the year!!

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Marmalade spent a couple of days here last year before going to Kelly's, but she has been aggressive towards Kelly's cats and escaped out of her own room to cause chaos, however much Kelly blocks things off, so she has come here instead. We have had a few enquires about her in the month she has been her, but sadly they all go for another cat over her, so fingers crossed we have some luck soon. She is a 2yo tortie and white, spayed, deflead and wormed, so just hoping for that home now.
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for Marmalade! For some reason, I always picture a red tiger cat when I hear that name, rather than a calico.
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Yeah, I have to say I have never come across a tortie and white with that name, only gingers. Good job we didn't call my ginger foster Marmalade!! She is very friendly, and I have someone who wants an adult cat coming to look at her on Mon.
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Awww, she sounds beautiful! Sending many for her to find a home
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Thanks - fortunately she is a different cat here, she is in the front room with Rolo - growls and bats him when he gets too close, but for the main part she is fine - main prob is he seems to want to play with her (he is the same with Zia) and she doesn't quite appreciate that, but as long as he is more than a foot or two away from her, she ignores him.
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Marmalade reminds me of my daughter's and my favorite B&B in London. They make orange marmalade.
Now I have to go to the kitchen and have some on toast.
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Marmalad has had someone look at her today, and they are going to collect her on Tues, I am so pleased for her, she has been with us for too long. Wonder how long I will be empty!!
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