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Saturday Day Plans What Are Yours?

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Morning All!

Not to cold here today, which is nice. Heading off to work for a bit then have to go shopping.

Feeling better today although still very tired from my bout of the flu. I will likely just grab a movie and make it an early night.

Everyone have a good one
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I'm sitting here waiting for my new horse to arrive! Not sure how long I have to wait, she emailed me last night and said she had to run to the feed store first and would email or call before she left, and she's got a 2 1/2 hour trip ahead of her... so I've still got some waiting to do!

John will probably be leaving soon to go pick up a volkswagen motor over in Ohio so I'll be by myself for awhile.
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We have 37 and light rain here, My weekend plans are to overcome this daggone virus that is going around here. Symptoms are of strep but its not strep and its not contagious, its mostly coughing all the time now and not being able to sleep from it. Im ready for a bottle. A bottle of ni-quil. I have been sick since christmas day and hammy drinks after me all the time and his bad self has not gotten sick ARGHH not fair. well i wouldnt wish this on him but we are suppose to share everything right????? hehehehehehehe

I hope you feel better soon I definately feel for you and can relate.

Heres a piece of candy hope it helps. Chocolate cures everything
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am doing nothing at the moment, going out to the pub later with some friends! that should be fun
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For me Saturday's been & gone. Didn't do much, Aunt & cousin have been staying with mum & spent some time with them.
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It's a little cold 30s outside.

Basically I'm going to the DMV to get my license plates (I'll be officially NJ!) and then off to some bridal shops for some wedding fun & picking out bridesmaids dresses and groomswomen dresses. I need some fun.
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Good morning

Today is one of those rare winter day where it's not painfully cold (it's about 25F right now) nor snowing. Perfect weather for me to go try my camera outside.
Problem is, I wasn't thinking when I took my shower and I got my hair wet. Dang. I don't have a hairdryer. Well, I'll let it dry for about an hour then I should be ok with a warm hat.
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Well, my plans just changed. The lady bringing the horse just called and she said one of her other horses fell through ice in a pond and she has to tend to him so she cannot come up today and doesn't know when she'll be able to come up. So I have absolutely nothing to do all day.
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Nothing too serious. I need to make some soup and freeze it into 1 cup servings. I also need to make 2 chicken dishes (lemon chicken and orange chicken) and freeze those into 8 meals.

After that I need to tidy the kitchen and run the dishwasher.

I need to clean the cat litter box (Abby overshot the edge again ), and wash the plastic matts under the box and put fresh ones down.

Then I want to do some stretching exercises and some light resistance work with tubing. Probably take me about 20 minutes.

Somewhere in there I will also take a nap
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I'm going to be cleaning and de-cluttering all day. Anyone care to join me? No? Don't blame you. This place is getting better slowly though as I've been decluttering since last week sometime. It feels good but man... it's alot of work.

Other than that my plan is to visit my couch this afternoon and read and rest. Sounds good to me.
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I am going back to bed soon. I am still blowing my nose every 30 secs but feeling a bit better. The worst is when my eye leaks when I blow my nose.

Britni I hope you can get your horse soon.
Jenney have fun shopping.

Have a good weekend everyone.
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Well I'm just getting ready to leave work. This afternoon my Mom & I are going to see a movie for her B-Day (it was yesterday), and then go out to dinner. I'm hoping to have a little time to test drive a couple cars yet before the movie. I'm off, have a good day all!
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I have to work 3-8:30 today. Other than that, I don't think I am going to do anything. I have a bad cold, so all I want to do is sleep. I am feeling much better than yesterday though.
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We just got home from Vermont. Now I am home relaxing while my husband and 3 other guys are working on our addition we have going on on our house. It's nice being able to be in here instead of working! My only job is to make sure they stay fed and have drinks!
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I have work from 7am-4pm today (i'm on my lunch break at the moment.) When I get done with work, we're going to go and talk to a relator about a home we might want to buy
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i am spending the day dog sitting and cleaning house. roman went with my pa to do some work to make money to fix the van so i am here with my critters alone. its soooo peacefull. i guess i will spend the rest of the day cleaning house and cook my ol man a good meal since he lives on tv dinners and cafeteria food at work all week. at the moment it seams to be nap time the dogs are on either side of my feet asleep and the cats are catnapping in various parts of the house. wish i could cat nap a while. but for now i am off to go clean the litterbox and bathroom then to the grocery store to see what i can do for dinner.
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A family who are our best friends are coming over this afternoon for dinner and to play Rock Band. My job is easy; I'm making a couple of salads and we are ordering pizza.
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Its saturday evening and I am almost finished packing one box for Australia.
its just got christmas decorations, wreath and Australian christmas lights.

I am also going through some things in the basement one at a time throwing away things I dont need!
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Well I got the bins with all the Christmas decorations organized with a couple of bags to post on freecycle. I got to downsize my stuff which was my goal I can use the spare bin for my supply of fall decorating stuff!!

But have cramps pretty bad today (grrr).

Did some laundry-washing my oven mitts and hot pads-some were pretty gross looking.

Its our January thaw its about 40F and overcast with drizzly rain predicted for next few days.

So I'll read this afternoon and perhaps watch a movie or two.
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