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Debby where are you?

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I miss your posts! Why dont you write us a big long one when you get a chance. (rants and all)
Denise Russell
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Same here!!!
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Oh Denise!!!! That is SO sweet of you!!!!!! You just made my whole night!!!!

I have just been very busy....working all the time and taking care of Amber...who is 6 months old today!!!

I wish I had more time to be online!!!! If you want...give me your e-mail and maybe we can keep in touch that way too...although I don't have as much time to answer e-mails as I used to either...just ask Sarah, who I have been getting such lovely e-mails from and have not had very much time to respond...but I am trying to do better Sarah!!

I do try to get online as much as possible, but alot of times when I have an hour or so, there is so much to do on here and things that have come up in the mods lounge that I feel need my input (okay, maybe they don't actually NEED my input...but I want to give it anyway ) that I don't get nearly as much time to respond to the threads here as I would like.

I would also like to have more time to respond to and get to know many of the newer members.

Thank you so much for asking about me, it is nice to know you care!!!!

And Ken....don't you get enough of me in the mods lounge??? :LOL:
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