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Dental Abscess? Oral Tumor?

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On December 27th Simba (12 year old,purebred Maine Coon) was treated for an upper respiratory infection (indoor cat only). The vet prescribed Clavamox and while it didn't agree with his stomach, the infection cleared up. All the symptoms have disappeared. Unfortunately, something else is going on. I thought perhaps a dental problem as he seems to have difficulty eating and his appetite is not good. Eats, but very little and grimaces and makes an odd sound (sounds like he is crunching on dry food even when he eats wet food). This continues for several minutes after eating. He also does a weird thing with his head...kind of bobs it up and down.

Went back to the vet today and upon examination the vet pointed out a swelling (right side, roof of his mouth) which he had mentioned during my initial visit. He also noticed that he had bitten his tongue since his last visit. He adminisitered fluids and prescribed Antirobe drops in the event that it was a dental abscess and scheduled him for a procedure to aspirate the swollen area and take X-rays on Monday (at this point, there is concern about an oral tumor). He was given a dose of the medication while in the office. When I came home tonight he did eat better than he has been but continues to have a difficult time chewing.

My question is this....does anyone know how common oral tumors are in cats and has anyone experienced this? While researching this topic I learned that most of these tumors are not benign and I'm wondering what the prognosis is. He is the best cat...loving and gentle and no matter what you do to him he tolerates it with no fuss. I would so hate to lose him. Would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks so much!

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Oral tumors are VERY common in cats... squamous cell carcinoma is the most common oral tumor. However, with the history of upper respiratory infection, it could be just an abscess too. It sounds like your vet is doing everything right, and unfortunately for you, all you can do is wait and see.
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Im sending you good that its not a tumor and just a little abcess!! Hopefully he fully recovers!! Good luck to ya, sorry I dont have any advice!!
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A good vet will be honest about the possibilities around an illness. I've seen cats eat the way that you've described when all they needed was a good dental. Make sure the vet does a biopsy to rule out a tumor and be prepared for having dental work done for him.

I've not had experience with oral cancer in cats but have had that problem with my OTB dog Ellie Mae. She was diagnosed with it and given 30 days to live based on the fact that they assumed it had metastacized. But when they removed the tumor during the biopsy, they got it all and she lived 18 months, finally dieing from a stroke at age 14 (she was a big dog and this was old for her size).

Sending vibes that this is just an abcess.
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