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Bladder issues, polyps, ear infection...oh my.

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Hello, everyone - just came across your forums. Thought maybe you kind folks might have some insight, as I'm about at the end of my rope.

I have two FIV+ rescues. One of them (he's about 10) developed a head tilt and clumsiness - has a hard time jumping up on the bed, falls over just standing around, walks with his front end lower than rear, etc - in August. Finally diagnosed a polyp and both eardrums ruptured/infected. Luckily it responded to topical meds (drops) and the vet was able to remove the shrunken polyp. Yay!

Except...he's not getting any better. Might even be getting worse. My vet says there's no telling how long it might take to grow back, but theoretically he SHOULD get better then. Has anyone been thru this? Any timing or advice?

The latest development: a bladder infection. He is peeing on the floor, near the litterbox, on the bed, even in his sleep. He doesn't realize he's doing it - not behavioral. Lots of genital licking, which sometimes seems to prompt urination. I'm on the second round of antibiotics - we tried them a couple weeks ago when this first started, SEEMED temporarily better but it's back - and tho it's been just 48 hours, he's had three accidents this afternoon/evening. How long does it take for these to kick in?

Just last night I noticed he had a couple bouts of tremors, and he has been twitching something fierce in his sleep. It got me thinking...could all this be neurological? A stroke? ARGH! This little guy is on Tapazole for hyperthyroid and eats mostly raw (Halshan), FWIW. I gave them Inova dry as treats, but phased that out. He is otherwise a pretty happy camper.

Yeah, this turned into a novel. Hope you won't hold that against me. Any tips, advice, ideas gratefully welcomed. Thanks so much.
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I would take kitty back to the vet... By the way, what is your kittys name?? (that way I dont call him kitty!! LOL)

I had a kitty with FIP do the shaking stuff and it was neurological because of FIP. I dont think that works the same way with the FIV but Im not sure! I think someone will be around shortly to help you out better than I can though!

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His name is Murphy. Since August he's been to the vet...oh...two dozen times for all this? At times I wonder if I am a cathypochrondriac. At any rate, I do agree with you. Maybe it's back to the vet this weekend. Thank you!
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Welcome to TCS! I have no advice to give you, but hopefully somebody who has had a similar experience will see your thread and reply.
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I thought I would just keep posting here, in the event anyone else in the future has a problem - or, you know, a bunch of problems - like Murphy. Maybe this will help them.

I dragged Murphy to the vet (who I think the world of) again. While he was getting his check up he urinated on the exam table - not a fearful or angry pee, more like he just could not control himself - which was at least was handy for the urinalysis sample. Urine checks out. No abnormal white blood cells, so apparently the bladder infection is gone; I was sent home with Uroeze, which are ammonia tablets I believe, to help rectify the high pH balance of his urine and hopefully get things under control. Vet says based on bloodwork from a few months back that CRF and diabetes are ruled out.

He is still terribly touchy about his ears. The polyp was diagnosed in...October, I believe, and he's been off and on antibios since. His balance and wobbliness does not seem to be making much of an improvement.

Anyhow, back at home he peed all over the place (I chalked it up to stress form the visit) until at 1am he stood on top of my trying-to-sleep body and peed like a racehorse. Yes, that's right. Needless to say, he spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. I have been thinking this whole time it is incontinence tied to his infection, but now I am wondering if it's behavioral on some level....MY CAT PEED ON ME. Come on. That's gotta mean something.

So I've got a cat with former bladder infection/high pH who seems to both be incontinent (pees involuntarily) and behavioral (peeing on his human). And Murph can barely walk a straight line or stay on his feet for more than a minute without falling over due to his balance issues.

Like I said, will keep posting here. Maybe my pain will help someone else in the future! And by all means, if anyone has any ideas...let me know. Maybe I'll go hunt around the urine threads for kicks in the meantime.
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I have no experience with FIV kitties, but to me his symptoms appear neurological. The loss of bladder control...the tremors (possibly seizures?), the balance wobbliness,especially after being on antibiotics !! Ruptured eardriums will grow back...with loss of hearing of course...but something just tells me it's neurological. I hate to even mention it..but maybe a tumor? Poor baby...and I feel for you,too. I don't think what he's doing is behavioral. I think it's much more than that. Many that you find your answer!!
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