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Remembering My Rebby...1 Year Later

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It was one year ago tomorrow that I lost my best friend, my little Rebby. His full name was Sir Rebel Howard (he had a fancy name because the breeder we got him from gave her cats long fancy names) but to us, he was just Rebby!
Rebby was a cat in a class by himself. He knew he was a cat, but he thought he was a person. He would jump onto a chair at dinner, and put his little paws onto the table and stand there on the chair and watch us eat, just so that he could be with us. He followed me everywhere I went. If I got up to go to the bathroom, he'd follow me, and sit outside the door until I came out, only to follow me back to wherever I was going. He loved sitting with me when I would read the newspaper...it would take me forever, because he loved to sit right in the middle of whatever I was reading. I used to have to turn the pages on top of him, but that was just fine with Rebby! Just as long as he was doing whatever I was doing, he was a happy cat.
We found out he had polycystic kidney disease shortly before his 6th birthday, and he started undergoing regular vet visits, and he had to have an IV with fluids to drain him out several times a week and he had to take icky medicine every day...but that never broke his spirits...Rebby, true to his name "Rebel" fought his little sickness, and was as playful and loving as he ever was.
It was very hard when he just couldn't get past his cysts anymore, and they just got too big...deciding to put him down was very difficult, but we knew he was letting us know it was time.
Still to this day, I miss my little Rebby more than I've ever missed anything! Wherever I go in my house, I still think of Rebby...when I write with a blue and white pen (his favorite toy), when I see rain or snow or a squirrel out the window (his favorite things to watch), and when I change my other cats water dishes (Rebby was very protective of his water dish...he had to watch intently every time I changed it! Which was quite often!!) Rebby is still in my thoughts with everything I do!
I know that Rebby is our little kitty angel, and that he is watching over us all the time...and we love him very much and miss him every day!

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Hi! I just put my baby girl to sleep 2 1/2 weeks ago and am sure I will be feeling the same way as you when I get to the 1 year anniversary!!

Never forget your Rebby! As I will never forget my Pookey!
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That was a very loving and beautiful tribute to your handsome boy. My condolences and prayers go out to you.
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What a gorgeous little boy he is as well

I hope your having a wonderful time with all your friends at the bridge Rebby

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May Rebby play hard at Rainbow Bridge.
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