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Mega storm

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We are having really bad weather here in the Bay Area and the Sierras. Butzie and I woke up early I think because the winds were so fierce. It's raining, it's pouring, and that cute cat is snoring. The winds are hurricane strength and it is raining sideways. There is a new stream on my street. You shouldn't drive on the Golden Gate, Bay or Richmond/San Rafael Bridges. Want to go skiing in the Sierras? Don't even think about driving on I 80.
We are the biggest news on the Weather Channel. Of course, on the "Local on the 8's" they just said there were just light rain here. They obviously haven't looked out my windows. Abrams and Bettes, the Weather Channel forecasters, are starting their program 1 hour earlier to cover the story.
The great news is that by the time this "mega" storm is finished, we will be over the average snow pack in the Sierras. No drought this year.
We live in what is called the "Diablo Valley." Mt. Diablo is about 3500'. We expect to see snow on it soon.
Ordering pizza delivered. Hope that none of our trees fall down, especially the ones close to us.
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wow it sounds like you guys are in for a ride, hey? Typical that Butzie should wake you up and then go back to sleep again Fingers crossed it gets better. Oh and as for the sideways rain.... at least you'll only get wet on one side
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She woke up and now is raring to go - outside. What catnip is she on?
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Stay safe, Rosemary!!!
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It's a good excuse to sleep all day, or play at TCS!

Stay indoors, and stay safe.

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oh thats awful!!! I saw it on the news today at my in-laws house!! Sending many stay safe :Vibes: for you!
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Stay safe, Rosemary!!!
yeh please!
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I hope the weather gets better where you're at!! I watch the weather channel too so I know what the weather is like! I guess we must have the same weather channel everywhere!
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YICK!!! I hope things have calmed down and you've not had any damage. I try to stay inside when the weather is real bad like that. I just feel so bad for the people work work outside and things! (DH basically does.)
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The same is happening on the Qld NSW borders in Aust. Flooding & lots of damage. I hate storms, Sydney had a bad hail storm a week or 2 b4 Christmas. In the west they are having bad bush fires.
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wow that is a pretty powerful storm. Hopefully when we move to Ontario, California in august we wont have storms like that. I hate the wind it scares me for some reason, always has since i was little. I love thunder and lightening tho. I am a weirdo sometimes....
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The Weather Channel also carried what was happening in Australia. Vibes to you.
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That was a Terrible Storm. I had to fetch my Orange tree because it went flyin in its pot. There are parts of trees all over the place. my Street is still Flooded in the Valley. My Brother in Daly City had no Power for 24 Hours. It is Rainin here right now again. I hope you are all ok. We had to got to Monterey for my Sisters today. When we got to 156 we could not take the exit because it was full of mud and flooded. My brother and sister and her bf went to Monterey yesterday and got on 280. They said all lanes were blocked by trees and they had to go 30 mph. It was Thundering and Lightening really bad. They also said when they got to 17 the fog was so thick they couldnt see. We still have more Rain this week. I hope its nothing like Fridays Storm. Some people still do not have Power in alot of places.
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