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Giving to Charities

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I just visited the local SPCA site...

Big mistake! I bawled for like a half hour. Good thing I could close my office door!

All those pets that need homes makes me soooo sad.

In other news: I was visiting the site because I am donating my car to them I hope my old ugly (and very dependable) car will bring some useful $$ to all those babies.

I'm so happy when I can (possibly) help needy animals.

What charities do you like to donate to?
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I donate monthly to my local branch of the Cats Protection
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We donate monthly to Kattens Værn - donations like that help to keep employees there such as myself, pay for food, any refurbishments, opening new shelters, ensuring that we can pay the costs of the vets bills etc etc. The list is endless. As far as I'm aware we only ask for 175DKK from our members per year - that's the equivalent (at the moment) of $35 or $17.50. You wouldn't believe how far we can make that money stretch. It also covers the costs of making the quarterly magazine for the members. Of course, every cat we can sell to a good home also brings in a little money, along with any transport boxes, litter boxes etc... but considering that cat has been sterilized, vaccinated fully, treated for worms and fleas, has been fed over the course of however long it has been in our care.... any profit is minor and gets ploughed right back into the system.

However we are fortunate to be an organisation that has been well established for the last 75 years, we are relatively well known and so we do have many many donations from the public. Many many lives have been saved because of that

This year DH and I also donated nearly our entire wardrobes to the Red Cross - we so badly needed to clear out clothes that no longer fit and shoes we never wear. We cleared out so much that we could put in to their donation bins - they can take those clothes out to various countries, or sell them in stores - either way, it's a small difference, but a difference nonetheless.
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I donate monthly to Doctors Without Borders.

As of this week, I am getting an extra $5 on my paycheck each week and it will go to charity too. I just haven't decided which one yet. I'll probably split it between 2-3 local charities.
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