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Vote about Beauty Pictures

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I'm adding a poll to this thread so people can vote as to whether or not I start posting monthly pictures of Beauty.

One per month though - she's still very camera shy!

As of today you have 3 days to vote.
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Of course, in the cat pictures lounge...
after all...
Beauty is a true beauty.
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You should post one every week!
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I wish I could post updated pics of my furbabies at least once a month..

I say, go for it!

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You know, that's a really silly question to ask on a forum of cat lovers who can't get enough of pretty kitties!! Of course you should!!
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More pics? Of course! Love photos, more the better She is a beauty
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I'm not voting. I think you should do it if you want to. I haven't posted recent pics of Charlie (should) but you can see more changes if you go longer periods. I'm waiting till he Grands and then post his "Grand" pictures
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yeh, post more! she's gorgeous hehe
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I say post as many as you want!
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As many as she'll let me more like!

Probably one or two a month. Chances are she won't let me take more than that.
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