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Off-topic: Birds

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I bought a bird feeder and a humingbird feeder a few weeks ago. We have a lot of sparrows & doves that now visit it. Hubby has seen some green & purple humingbirds come, too! I notice this bird that comes around .. it looks like a sparrow, but it has some red on the top of it's head. Does anyone know what kind of bird it is? There are two of them that come around that look like it. I will post a pic of it in a few..
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i have those coming to my feeder also, i think its some kind of finch...im not sure.
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I know a lot of "feeder birds" here in NC (Have you ever seen a woodpecker try to eat from a feeder? They literally hang under it and swing up to get at the seeds! It's soooo funny!), but I haven't seen that one. Try your local library for a bird guide, most of them have them.
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I found the bird, and it's a house finch
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I love birds!!!! In the summer we are sometimes lucky enough to have a few hummingbirds and also I have seen a few beautiful Orioles here, too!!!! Of course we have lots of Sparrows as well as many others like Blue Jays and Redbirds. I got so upset with my hubby one day last summer because he let my 12 year old stepson shoot a sparrow with a BB gun and thought that was okay, because as he put it, "its just a pesky sparrow" I wanted to shoot HIM (my husband) with the BB gun!!! I said to my stepson, "You know, that poor sparrow had a life, too. And he was just flying around minding his own business and you suddenly just put an end to his life forever. Don't ever do that again!" My stepson felt really bad and was near tears but I told him it wasn't his fault, it was his dads fault for telling him it was okay to do.
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Good for you Debby, your stepson will probably remember that lesson forever. I can't say that I disprove of hunting when you eat your spoils (as a fisherperson , if I ever caught something big enough to keep, I would cook it for sure.), but there's never a reason to kill an animal just to show that you can! Besides that, the link between animal cruelty and cruelty to other humans has been strongly correlated!! (Cause, y'know, you can't say "proven")
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