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anxiously waiting

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i dropped off a fecal on wednesday from max because of sophie's and now his, diarrhea. they are testing for GIARDIA and CRYPTOSPORIDIUM or COCCIDIOSIS (i forget now which one, i know that the vet said it is rare and he hasn't had to test for it for a while now.) Anyway, they told me that the giardia normally comes back in a day and they really were not sure how long the other one took. I called today and nothing is back yet. ugh, i just want to know why my babies have diarrhea! i'm being extra anal about the litter boxes because millie does not have it. other than the diarrhea, they are acting perfecting normal and eating and drinking fine. in fact, i just bought the petmate fresh flow and after being afraid of it, they love it and drink more now.
so does anyone know how long these take to come back and if it is one of those how it is treated?
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Just be patient... the answers are coming soon! I know it's tough to wait. Giardia is a pain in the butt but CAN be treated with medication. I'm not sure about the others as I've never heard of them (except coccidia). I'm sure with some meds they'll be fine and hopefully their test will come back negative! Keep us posted.
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