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Hill's C/D Dry

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Has anyone used this with there cats?

As I mentioned in my uti thread about my cat Bear my vet put him on s/d wet and he didn't like it. He was eatting but only off my fingers. lol Anyways the vet put him on Hill's C/D Dry and he is loving it. The vet tech who gave us the food also gave us a measuring cup to give him a certain portion each day. He is not on a diet or anything.

So will it hurt him or anything if I just have a bowel of food sitting out each day without measuring it?

Or because its a prescription food, is that why it should be measured out to Bear?
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damian has been on the dry c/d for a couple of years now. he loves it and gobbles it up. he would not touch any of the prescription wet i offered. the vet told me that the cats love it because it has a high coating of fat around it. he also said that a lot of cats tend to get fat off it also, so i'm always offering damian high quality wet food to get him to eat the wet since it is better for him anyway. the vet is also looking into switching damian to the g/d because he is 8 years old and before hills reformulated just a few months ago they recommended switching to the g/d (the geriatic formula) at age 8, but he thinks they changed it with the formula change. the reason for the switch to g/d was due to the obesity problem with c/d and that older cats can form crystals again and sometimes they are different crystals than the first time.
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The measuring cup will be helpful in making sure your kitty doesn't need to go on a diet. You can measure out the portion for the day and leave it out all day, but it's important to know that your cat is eating enough but not eating too much. It's a lot easier to monitor this if you know how much food you are offering.
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We free feed all our cats on C/D dry and split one can of wet between 3 of them at night. None of our cats have gained weight on the C/D dry - they were on X/D which is no longer manufactured. We switched them to the C/D about - four months ago? five months ago? And five of our six cats have been in for the annual check-ups, and they all weigh what they did a year ago.

It seems like we go through a LOT more C/D than we did X/D. I think X/D must have had a higher protein level per amount of food or something, because even though they're eating more, they're not gaining weight.

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My friend has a 17 yr old kitty who, as a small kitten had crystals and recovered from the experience. He was fed dry C/D until he gained too much weight, the vet switched him to W/D. Then a mix of T/D and W/D was given. In other words, this kitty was fed a Hills R/X diet long-term. About 3 yrs ago this kitty was diagnosed with CRF, now only has one kidney. This kidney is apparently failing too. He has started to ignore the litter box and is also having problems in balance.

Edited to add:
In the same house-hold and fed the same diet were 2 other cats, one about a year older and one 2 yrs younger.

The older kitty developed a 'bump' on the back of his head and at age 11 stopped using the litter box and a year later had 2 seizures - was taken to the vet who claimed kitty was also blind. Result: PTS at Age 12.

The younger kitty at age 12 was also PTS after a short 4 day severe illness. He refused to eat, throwing up and had lose bloody stools at the time.

I am not claiming anything beyond just the facts as they appear above. And I have witnessed this kitty's life the entire 17 years.

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x/d is no longer ??? wow didnt know ... but then again my vet has evo in the office and hides a few RC Rx s in the back room

I have measure free feed for decades now ... IMHO it is the easiest
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
x/d is no longer ??? wow didnt know ... but then again my vet has evo in the office and hides a few RC Rx s in the back room

I have measure free feed for decades now ... IMHO it is the easiest
Yeah, I was really bummed. We have to pay the same amount for each, but they eat more C/D. Doc says it is high protein (Duh, or they wouldn't be on it for crystals). I'd consider measured free-feeding - but my concern is that they aren't gaining weight, so they must need as much as they're eating. None of our kitties is overweight. Well - Ming Loy is a bit on the chubby side, but other than when she was a teeney kitty she has been. She LOVES to eat - and is physically handicapped. We need to get her running around more.

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I have 2 Cats on C/D. Coco has been on it for over a Year and Yoshi has been on it since May. Neighther has gained weight.
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We just had to take one of our boys to the vet because he had cystitis, and despite the fact that the vet had loads of Hills out in the entryway, he actually sent us home with a bag of Royal Canin Urinary S/O and some wet pouches of the same.

He's a vet from the Old School and he actually told us that he thinks the Royal Canin is a much better food and costs a lot less than the Hills as well but he actually gets paid to keep that in front.
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I currently have 2 kitties on the c/d, and they love it. I was feeding them seperate, because only one needed the c/d, and the other one was getting some good wet food. One day, my wet food kitty tasted the c/d, and he stopped eating his wet food until we switched him to the c/d as well, and now they are both happy, and don't seem to have put on any weight at all.
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Lexi is on Hill's c/d after having two UTI's. I tried Purina, but after the first one, it just wasn't enough to prevent the infection. She is not a picky eater and will eat both wet and dry.

We free feed all of our cats. She has gained a little weight, but she is long and lean so now she is at a healthy weight.
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For those who feed the c/d dry do you notice your cat pooing less? I woke up today to scoop poop and there was no poop to scoop. ()
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Coco is on C/D and usally goes every three days now. I got her some can C/D yesterday but its Chicken now. Before it was always Multi Cat. I will see if she likes it. Anyone else ever see the chicken Flavor before.
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