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Please help me with kitty introduction

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hi everyone,

I just adopted a new 8 week old female kitten last evening. I already have a 7-8 month old neutered male that I adopted in July '07. When I picked up my new kitten last night I was told not to worry about introducing the cats and I didn't have to seperate them or anything. I have been researching today and it seems that I was given false info. So last night I brought the new kitten (Mia) home and let her out of her crate. She is not shy at all and wanted to explore and play immediately. My other cat (Ty) was very interested and came right over. He hissed only once right away and he looked almost scared of her for a bit. She pretty much ignored him and explored. I fed them both in seperate dishes right next to each other. Mia ate right away and Ti sniffed her and joined in eating pretty quickly. I thought this was great. But after eating Ty started swating at her and running up to her and pouncing on her. He would not take his eyes off her and stalked her everywhere she went. Sometimes he would sniff her and they'd touch noses, then sometimes he'd run up to her and pounce and swat. He wouldn't hiss tho. She could care less about his swating and continued exploring and playing. Once or twice he pounced and bit her and she yelped and I yelled and broke it up. I did not know better and I scolded Ty when he attacked her. She also used his litter box and he didn't seem to like that, but he wined a bit then used the box himself. It is very hard to seperate them because I live in a one bedroom apartment with my fiance. But last night I locked Ty in the bedroom with us and the new kitty got free roam of the rest of the house. She really likes attention and is very affectionate and friendly so she cried for awhile when we shut her out. Ty would make noise and cry back like he really wanted to see her more. Today when I got up I let them see each other and Ty did start with the swatting and wrestling/biting. The weird part is on the last attack from Ty I ran over and picked up Mia and she was purring. It's almost like he's playing - like she's a toy to him, but it seems too rough for the tiny kitty. He's 8 lbs and she's teenie. I set up Mia in the bathroom with food and her own litter box and bed and fed them both seperately and they ate. I locked Mia in the bathroom and went to work, where I still am for the next few hours. I am sorry this is so long but I am just really concerned that I handled it wrong last night and this morning and really really want my kitties to get along. What should I do when I get home??
Thank you so so much - Sasha
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check out this article for advice: I'd like you to meet...
welcome to TCS!
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Well I'm not sure what to say. lol! But I'll try my best to help! I think he just wants to play with her because I brought home a full grown tom to my other full grown cats and he constantly chased them and they hated it! So we had to give him back to the owner because it didn't work out. :P Does she not like him doing that or does she try to play with him back? When you get home, go into a room and shut the door with them and let them get to know eachother but don't force them onto eachother, and if it gets to rowdy then break it up and tell the older cat "no no!" if he starts it. But don't shun him out, be sure to show him that he is still very important to you.
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He is still a kitten himself and it sounds to me as if he wants to play with her. If there's not much hissing or growling then that's great! Just keep an eye on them because of the size difference, it certainly doesn't sound as if the older kitten wants to hurt the younger one, but as he is bigger he may not realise his own strength- so you may need to step in and 'rescue' her if he's being a bit rough or she's not enjoying it.

She will grow fast and will soon be able to tell him herself when he's gone too far! But it all sounds ok to me, keep claws trimmed so they don't accidentally get scratched, and give her a break from him if she's had enough or is squealing! Usually when they are playing clapping your hands is enough to break it up if it gets rough, but a bit of swatting and pinning down is normal dominance play.
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I don't know that you need to separate them, but please try using the scent-swapping, praising, and new toy advice I posted here - and maybe Feliway and Territorial Rescue Flower Essences as well: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...82#post2118082

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
But it all sounds ok to me
I agree, sounds like it's going well. Touching noses is very good.

Just help out the little one if she needs it, when he gets a bit rough.

I didn't separate mine when Farley and Ana came along to join Demetri, they all touched noses and didn't hiss at all so I left them to it.
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well, I have kept them seperate since yesterday, Mia in the bathroom and Ty in the bedroom and rest of the apartment with us. And switched and put Mia in the bedroom and gave Ty roam of Mia's bathroom for awhile. When she's locked up she will meow and cry almost non-stop and Ty will sit by the door and talk back with her - meowing back and making cute noises. I just let her and Ty see each other. Right away Ty jumped her and they began playing. Mia fights right back and they chased each other and were swatting at each other. A few times she would run and Ty would run and jump her and bite her around her neck, but Mia didn't seem to mind. This happened a few times then he bit her neck and gave her a kick and she squeeled so I gently broke it up and put her back in the bathroom. Ty was crying at the door for a bit for her to come out and now he's laying down looking happy. It seems like things are going good. It just scares me because Ty is so much bigger and stronger than her and all he wants to do is wrestle and play. Thank you all so much for your help. I will continue to keep you posted
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