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A Gift from Above..

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Do you believe animals especially pets help us heal? This is the story of Bing, my beautiful Bing!

About six weeks ago my daughter's fiance' was going abroad to visit family, thus she was going to be on her own for the first time since moving in with him, and moving out of the family home.

On the morning that he was leaving this cute little cat (now called Bing!) showed up at her patio door, looking like he hadn't eaten in days. So being like her mother she couldn't turn him away without feeding him. Well this went on for the ten days that her Fiance' was gone. Everyday Bing would show up, she had asked around the neighbourhood to see if she could find his owners but to no success. Her immediate neighbours had moved out a couple of weeks before and no one knew where they had gone. Her thoughts were that he belonged to them and had somehow found his way back.

She had spoken to her Fiance' about Bing and they had agreed to take him in as no one seemed to know the whereabouts of his owners. He had made himself at home there and seemed very comfortable. Showing her loves all of the time as if to say thank you for her kindness.

On the morning of her Fiance's return she received a telephone call from the agents of her Landlord, as she was privately renting she had to ask his permission to keep Bing. It was bad news the agency said that she couldn't keep him as her landlord had had a bad experience with cats. She was devastated as she had really grown fond of him.

I was there that morning and there wasn't any hesitation in my mind as to what should happen to Bing. Even though i had two cats, Libby & Louis there would of course be room for one more. To be totally honest with you i was quite envious of her as my two cats are very different to Bing. Libby is rather aloof and prefers my husband and Louis though he loves to lie next to you he dosn't really like to be fussed too much. I had always wanted a cat that would love me back...

So that is how Bing came to live with us, whats quite strange is that he turned up on the morning that she would be on her own and had to leave the day her Fiance' came back. Almost like he was sent to keep her company and watch over her on her first time alone, and now when i am feeling unwell i get all the loving and fuss that i could ever ask for.....
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what an amazing story! I can't access the pics right now from work, but I'll look when I get home!
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That's really sweet and I'm so glad that you can keep Bing! What a lucky little kitty! He sounds like a real sweetheart
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What a sweet story. Cats do come into our lives at interesting times.
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It's sad she wasn't able to keep Bing, but it's great that she had the company when she needed it most.
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