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is he sick?

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my kitten is 15 weeks old and i got him on dec 22nd. i haev his paperwork here and it says he got all sorts of vaccines,shots and a dewormer on 11/14. however he is meowing like nuts every time i open the fridge or take out food and its really hard to eat because he wants the food so bad that he wil smack me in the mouth trying to get it...

im wondering if perhaps he is sick?
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Sounds like he's just hungry. What are you feeding him, how often and what anount?
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I'm sorry but that's funny. I agree that he must be very hungry.

A kitten of that age should eat at least 4 times a day if he doesn't have access to dry food at all times. Kittens should be allowed to eat as much as they need to at each meal time. Boy can they eat!!
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i've tried three different foods, he eats them all, and he has access to them all day long

i've tried iams kitten, purina kitten, and 9lives...

its so funny that he knows ive opened the fridge downstairs and comes down and gets into the fridge.... he's all up in my face, wacking me, trying to eat my pea soup, my sub, even my apple juice just now... he wants ALL foods!!!!

i mean, look at my signature... he looks like he's saying he's hungry doesn't he?!?
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Haha yeah I think he's just really hungry.
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you might try giving him kitten milk... i fed Firefox kitten milk in addition to her dry & wet food for about 3 months.
this is what i used: Just Born. they sell it at Petco [probably other places, too!] i like the liquid kind - the powders are hard to de-clump!
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ok i'll try the milk when i go to get him some more of the little mice toys. i now have him a bowl of food downstairs as well as upstairs... in my tiny apartment.

so nobody thinks he has a tapeworm?
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Often kittens need up to three wormings... I would take a stool sample to the vet for testing... but also likely is he is a GROWING boy
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I had a kitty once that would come a run'in whenever I went into the . . .um . . .private place!
Count yourself lucky he just attacks you when you are eating!
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