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The following is part of a PM that I sent to LDG (who has been kind enough to help out in the crusade in getting my strays neutered/spayed), which I just copied & pasted instead of re-typing the entire thing again...

I contacted few other vet clinics in the area, and none of them offer any discount or low cost neutering/spaying programs for strays. BUT, I contacted MY vet's office again, and actually spoke to my vet's wife this time. She gave me the number of the SPCA (which it turns out is not the place I was thinking of that abused animals: that was actually the local animal shelter - not the SPCA..). ***A side note: This SPCA remark is in referance to a suggestion that LDG had made in a PM, in which I had told her I would not be willing to take the strays there, b/c they were shut down for animal abuse.*** Anyway, I explained the situation to her (the vet's wife), and she told me that they sometimes offer vouchers to low-income peeps who want to have strays fixed and all. She also told me if they can't help, that SHE would personally pay for Ma Cat to get spayed (but I'm not to let the vet know that..), and that she would be able to get reimbursed through the SPCA. Apparently, she has a few other clients who are having the same problem, but who also can't afford to have their strays fixed either. And she's willing to help if she can..

I contacted the SPCA, but no one answered so I left a message: I'm waiting for them to call back, and we'll take it from there..

It's a start, and a step in the right direction. Also, my s/o knows of a retired vet in the area, whom he thinks might do the neutering/spaying for a low fee. He's gonna try and get ahold of him, to see what he says.. Right now, I'm more concerned w/ getting the females spayed, so they can't have any more babies. We'll work on getting the males neutered next..

So that's where things stand right now. I'll continue to see what else I can come up with.

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I got the PM, but just wanted to post to the thread, too.

You GO girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Like MA said - even if you trap-speuter (spay or neuter)-and release just one cat at a time, it's a start.

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Aww, that is wonderful. I do hope you get some positive news from them.
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My s/o got ahold of the retired vet, and I spoke w/ his wife. She told me that they'll spay the females for only $45.00, and neuter the males for only $30.00! This also includes a rabies shot, a shot of antibiotics, and an application of Revolution for fleas & other parasites. I should take my own furbabies there!!

Seriously, the vet only does the procedures for peeps who are trying to control the stray population - not for your own indoors furbabies.

So now our plan is is to take each cat in one at a time - one at each pay period if possible. We should be able to swing it, unless some unforeseen obstacle pops up...

There is also still the option of going through the SPCA via my vet's wife, if all else fails and we just can't afford it. I put in another call to the SPCA, but still haven't heard from them.

Anyway, that's the current update..

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Absolutely fantastic news!! I've been following this thread and I'm so happy to hear you've found a solution that will work for everyone, both you and the cats.

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Oh Tiff, what absolutely WONDERFUL news! Persistence pays off!

I'm so glad you've found an option. That's often the hardest part. The next part is to just take things, as someone put it, one cat at a time.

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What a wonderful update, I am so glad you have been able to find a way to get them neutered, good on you.
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