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I was in a little town called Webster today and they have an A&W, I went in and bought a gallon of root beer to make floats for me and the kids! LOL
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Why is everyone trying to buy floats from restaurants? There is no secret ingredient...just make it at home. It's soda of choice and ice cream of choice and combind them. My personal favorite is diet coke with vanilla and chocolate fudge ice cream. The diet coke subtracts calories from the ice cream and the fudge so it's ok.
we make them all the time with diet root beer (DH is diabetic) and a really good vanilla...also love it with orange soda or cream soda
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I love ice cream floats!! Root beer is the best
I couldn't agree more I like root beer with chocolate ice cream. I also have tried cream soda with vanilla which is yummy also.
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Here in Australia we call them "Spiders" and we can still order them in restaurants.
I love the Blue Heaven Spiders mmmmmmmm.
Coke and icecream comes a close second.

Now I feel like having one........................

KittyCoo xx
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I have never been a huge fan of ice cream floats..I am not a fan of ice cream to begin with so I guess thats why They seem messy to eat too

If I were to have one though, it would be root beer and vanilla ice cream
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I love floats, of course I like just about anything with ice cream. When I was a kid I remember chocolate ice cream sodas. I've seen the how to's for making one but I haven't tried it. I haven't seen them in ages, I think they disappeared with the old fountain counters at the drugstores.
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Yep, the mentioned restaurants have them, plus Jack in the Box during the summer. Here in the PNW, DQs and A&Ws are found in smaller towns, especially the coast. I love floats ... reminds me of summer.
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I love these! We usually make them with root beer. Stewarts, a little convenience store/ice cream place around here, makes the best ones ever!
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I love it when the ice cream is so cold that the soda freezes to the ice cream in little slivers. That crunchy frozen soda on the ice cream is my favorite part!
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