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Missing My Baby :(

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Well I took Bear in this morning to recheck his urine because he has a bladder infection and when the vet tryed to get him to pee he wouldn't go. So they are keeping him there until he pees so they can do a urinalysis. I want him home! He is such a sensative cat and he was petrified when I left him.

My question is are there other ways to collect his urine?

I refuse to have him spend the night there. So by 3:30 either way he is coming home.
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When I took Merlynn in to check her urine for crystals, they could not get a sample. The vet sent us home with a small cup with top (like the ones we get for a human urine sample) with small black pellets. He told me to poor the pellets in a small litter box (w/o any other litter in there) and to watch her. Once she deposits some urine I was to poor it all back in the cup and take it to the vet's office. Note: the urine sample has to be fresh. Meaning no more than 2-3 hours old. Perhaps they can give you something like this.
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Thanks for the reply merlynn's mom. When they told me I could do it at home they made it sound like it was something hard to do which was werid. But he finally peed there and they got there sample. It was normal. He's home now.
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I'm glad to hear he is better. Most cat's do not like to pee at the vets office. Last time my Jordan had to stay all day his poor little bladder was so full when he came home I think he was in the box peeing for a whole minet
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When Lola had her UTI, my vet always did a cystocentesis (drew urine from the bladder with a needle.) I would take her in the morning, and if she had a full bladder, it only took a minute to draw and we'd be on our way back home.
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Wiith mine the females anyways the vet would just push lighly under the belly bladder area and they would pee right on the table!
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Yah, I'm so happy for you that Bear is home with you again :-) It's so hard when they have to be away...
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Yay! Im glad they got a sample and its normal and your kitty is home with you!! Its always so hard for them to be away from their beens!!
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