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Butzie, this storm is really bad

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I had the cat alarm go off at 5:30 am. Butzie is freeking out. I think it might be because of the weather. The wind is blowing so much (60 mph) that neither of us can go back to sleep. We have have high wind warnings, flood warnings, snow blizzard warnings and urban stream flood warnings. Oh, yeah, mudslide warnigs.
So, Butzie wants to go outside. I looked at her and said, "What are you, nuts?" By the way, she is on her way to be a totally inside cat.
I know we need the water and snow pack, but to be honest, we haven't experienced a storm like this with all those warnings in the 23 years we lived here.
Jenny is supposed to go back to college in upstate NY on a redeye Sat. night. I don't think that she will be able to fly out of SFO or if she can she will miss her connections.
So, this weekend, we are staying at home, watching the weather, and worrying about Jenny's flight.
The wind is REALLY strong! It blew over the hammock on our deck and moved the chairs. Unbelievable.
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Not Butzie,.. obey to Meowmy!... is too risky to go out today the weather is bad!....
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OK, your cat is officially nuts! I can highly recomment baldrian for her to calm her down. We give it to our pair at Christmas and New Year for the fireworks. It's basically nip in a pill form that DH and I use when we can't sleep. Herbal sleeping pills. Great stuff Half a pill each and the cats are nip-trippin' for a couple of hours. Long enough for them to calm down and go to sleep.

Hope the storm dies down again and you can get some rest - and fingers crossed for the flight.
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