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I think there have only been a couple of years in my life where there haven't been cats around, I have always wanted a houseful of animals, and no kids, although when I was first in my house, I wasn't going to have a cat cos I didn't want to be tied down. That lasted two days, until my neighbour asked me to take a cat in, she lived on the next street, her mum had died, and her mum's son said he woudl microwave her if no one could help, so I took her in. And that was the start of it really, due to fostering and taking on oldies that dont have a long time with me, I have had over 50 cats since then, and it is only 5.5 years ago!! Ironically, when I lost Charlie, the first cat, I then went to the local rescue the day after as the house didn't feel right, then my mum told me I was stupid cos Ginger didnt' have a home, so I picked him up the week after - so 10 weeks after thinking I wasn't goign to have one, I had 2!!
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I realized it this past year. I have always concidered myself an animal person, but I have in the past year turned into a crazy cat lady. . . I have broken down to thier will. . .
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Brandi's thread "A what point..." inspired this thread.

So...when do you realize you are a cat person?

I realized it about 3 weeks ago when a coworker that I sort of know gave me a kitten calendar for Christmas That's when it dawned on me: I've become a cat person.
I have one of those! It says THE 3-6-5 KITTENS A YEAR on the cover. In fact, if you look around my house, I'll bet you can find several sitting around, I could never throw one away.
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When I bought a litterbox

Honestly, I went through a period a few years ago where I really disliked cats. Well, one cat in particular. If you knew me then you'd be shocked to find that I now have 2 cats and am part of a cat forum.
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I've ALWAYS been a cat person. Growing up, we always had at least one cat. There was never a time when I did not have a cat.
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Except a brief period when I lived in the dorms in college, I've always had a cat in my life.
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My mother told me that i loved cats since i was a baby, our neighbour had a cat and i was just fascinated with it, i would smile when ever i saw it and sometimes my mum would let the cat in the house and i would pet it (roughly 10 months old) Then when i was 6 years old my parents let me keep a kitty that we found in the garage. I named him sheba I have loved cats all my life and would never swap it!

Trav loves kitties too, and he wants to get another one when we return to Australia, this shall be an interesting experience
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My Aunt Lotty had a cat who liked me more the older I got. My Mom got a cat, too. Like other members, all pets love me. Pheromones or something.
RIP Brownie strolled on our deck 12 years ago and I fed him ice cream. Yeah, like he was going to leave after that! When he passed, I just had to get another cat. When we got Butzie, I realized that I was a cat person.
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