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Saturday DT

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How are you all?
I am fine, a little tired. Last night I talked to my mum thru the webcam and she had a little story to tell me.
My son, Gabe, has this attachment to this blanket, a winnie the pooh blanket thats really soft. He takes it everywhere and holds onto the tag before he goes to sleep. My mum asked him 'you really love that blanket don't you?' and he said 'because its from mum and dad' and it was the perfect valentines gift, I cried.

Then later on in the conversation, she told me a friend of mines 3 month old baby had died, when they put him in their bed to sleep with them and he smothered. My mum is a social worker and she has tried so hard to tell new mothers never to put their babies in their bed with them because of that risk, but so many people believe it wont happen to them.

TOnight I am seeing some friends of ours, they went to NZ and they have 1300 photos to show me! Apparently they met some people I know in NZ and I am looking forward to seeing those photos!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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That's awful, about the baby. I've read about some psychologists, who advocate letting the baby sleep with you. Guess there's a lot of pro and con.

Its raining, again. I'm going to try to talk Bill into going to the Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show. It ends, tomorrow and I'd like to see the T. Rex skeleton, there. Also, a lot of the exhibitors are willing to deal, now.

Have a good weekend.
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Hi.I am going to try and talk Ted into taking me to a indoor flea market! Other than that nothing else going on,have and great Saturday Sherral
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I'm pretty tired myself today...I will be taking a nap shortly and then, I have to take Steven to the hospital. He has been home all week and today, his cough sounds terrible and his eyes have that glassy, far away look. I hat this....he is prone to pneumonia but he got the shot last year. So far, we have been lucky but I think this time, he has it. The fever kicked in last night and he is coughing every couple seconds. Poor baby...I hate feeling helpless. I gave him his puffers this morning so....we shall see.

Went to the wake last night. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to go. It was nice...and, my boss looked well considering it was his father's wake. He told me that for the past 17 years, his father has battled heart problems so, they were somewhat prepared for this day. He said sunday and monday coming will be the hardest because that's when everyone goes home and things return to normal around the house. I hope they're ok. I'm just glad I got to go and I was able to give him a hug! Actually....when he saw me he said "Come here, I know you've been wanting to do this since yesterday" and then he just hugged me tight. He is so sweet. My husband said that he literally saw his face light up when he saw us. It's touching knowing that he was glad we went.

Well, that's about all for now. Needless to say, I have not had a chance to read too many posts but, I will as soon as I catch my breath!

Have a great day everyone!

Kellye, that is so sad about the baby....I really can't comment too much on that because both my boys did sleep with me for approx. 6 months each. Hubby slept in the spare room Whether this is right or wrong....I don't know, I guess I just have to be thankful that there was no tragedy in my home.
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My grandmother was buried yesterday,she looked peaceful for the frist time in a long time. I know in my head she is in a better place,but in my heart I miss her!Wiskeer's mom I hpoe your son get well real soon.
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