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Quindim and the babies

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Hello all! I wanted to let everyone see our new little ones. They were born Thursday Dec. 20th.

We have Nicholas (white boy), Nikita (Silvery-black/torti-ish boy), Jillian (cream girl) & Cali (calico girl).

Tell me how you would describe Nikita if you could. He has so many tortie patches, but I know that male torties are very uncommon. Tell me what you think.

They are simply amazing. They turned 2 weeks old yesterday and have started to do that little wobbly walk. They know when you are coming to pick them up and start to wiggle their butts. Nikita and Jillian are vocal, Cali and Nicholas are not; their dad is a Balinese, so it will be interesting to see if they pick that trait up from him.

Will post more pics as they start their adventures of walking and getting into mischief.

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Two things:

1) Can I have Nicholas? (Slaps hand...bad Natalie....bad! )
2) Are you certain Nikita is a boy? Like you said, male torties extremely rare.
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Absolutely wonderful!!! I couldn't really see which one was which, so I cant describe them for you! Im sorry! But I wanted to tell you that they are absolutely purrfect!!
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*grin* You'd have to fight my girlfriend for him and I don't think she'd let you win. Isn't he beautiful? (Yes, I'm wayyyyy biased)

I am positive Nikita is a boy. He's got all the little boy stuff back there just like Nick, that's why I'm kind of puzzled. Seeing as how we got a calico, it would stand to reason that we could possibly have gotten a tortie as well. Just not a male. When he was on his way out of Quindim and she was cleaning him off, I looked at Carla and said, "This one is mine! Just look how cool it is!" At that point I didn't know he was a boy, now I'm just curious as to if he really is (A tortie kinda guy I mean). *smile* His fur is so silver on his back and then it just goes into the tortie swatches on his face, head and legs. He's one cool little bugger!
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they look like calicos to me! Dont suppose you can take pics of their "bits-n-pieces" cause its a family website, but darnit! Theres a video of mommy giving birth, they should allot that! I really like that white one!! But he doesn't have any fur on his belly!! too cute!!
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Hey glitch!!! He's got all the little boy parts like I told Natalie. *grin* You want me to take "kitty" porn?!?!

Something else about Nicholas, I'm trying to do some research, his eyes have a pinkish hue that his brother and sisters don't have. I am getting pointed in the direction of Albinism with him, especially since he is so pink. You look in his little eyes and they cast pink in a major way. He also squints a whole bunch when the light is right near him. I'm thinking that Quindim really did a good job giving us unique itties!

Nikita doesn't have any white on him, just the silver, black, reddish yellow and cream.
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They're so cute, wish the pictures were bigger though =)
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Baby Wukong, just give a click on the thumbnail, they'll open into a full size pic. :smile:
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White cats can & do have blue eyes. Case in point:

Ophelia Rose

That could be the cause of the pinkish hue. Blue eyes whites are commonly deaf(as are my two girls). Doesn't disadvantage them any.
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Aw, what pretty white girls you have!! When I was a child I had a neighbor with a deaf, blue eyed, white cat. I am all for him growing into a healthy guy and I know he will. His eyes are just a little different though. Much more pink and not so blue. Also, he is entirely pink, like he's had a good sunburn. Either way, he's beautiful and all ours. *beam*
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I *think* the all over pink is because the hair is so thin that young. His coat should fill in over time & the "pink" will go away. I *think*.
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In truth, I hope so. I am in Brazil and it's very hot down here, lots of sunshine and such. What I was reading about Albino cats is that they have skin and eye issues a great deal more than others. Like I said before, I will love the heck out of him and make sure that he is A-OK, but the climate here might be a bit rough on him.
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I live in Minnesota, & I still diligently put sunblock on my white kitties ears & tops of noses daily. It is alarmingly common to see sunburn/cancer in white kitties because of their light pigmentation.
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Thanks for that tip!! They're just like people with things like that. We cover ourselves with sunblock, we should do the same for them. What did they do when you first put it on them? Did they try to lick it off? How did you get it to stay on without them doing all things in their power to get it back off?
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The kittens are all so cute! I especially love the last picture, it's adorable.

The mama cat is quite beautiful herself.

Oh you're going to have so much fun with these babies!
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Aw, thanks! I sure love them. They're getting breakfast right now and Quindim is exhausted. I had them all fenced in up on the bed earlier and they look like they're getting their sea legs. All wobbly and stuff. But they sure try to get where they're going quick. Most of the time, the butts end up over the heads. *grin* They are so funny.
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Sounds like you're having a wonderful time with them!!

And in responce to the kitty porn, DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE IT IS TO SEE A MALE CALICO??? Heck ya I wanna see!

I also got those pics of popcorn and the chocolate covered cherry to show up! They were invinsible so no one but me could see them so I switched them around!!

Im so glad everything is going your way!!
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OMG, those kittens are such roly poly cute wittle woogies. I just want to blurp those bellies!

I'm amazed the calico is a male, too! That little gray one has such a unique coloring at birth...watching his pattern develop the first two weeks was really interesting for me.

What a great crew!
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What a lovely family!!
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I use baby sunblock. They've been good about not licking it off, either.
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Originally Posted by Birdsong123 View Post
That little gray one has such a unique coloring at birth.
that's Nikita, right? boy, i'd love to have him, regardless of rarity - he has such a different look to him!
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-squeal!- They are so tiny and cute! Omg, I love them when they're babies, such precious little pink faces!
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*grin* Yup, I'm pretty proud of them! It's not the calico that's male. She is most definitely a female. It's Nikita that we are wondering about. He's got all the tortie markings, the vet thinks he may be diluted tortoiseshell. Even with all the silver, he has the cream and reddish swatches with the black. I don't know. It is going to be amazing to watch him grow into a big cat. He was a keeper the minute I laid eyes on him. So, everyone is doing just fine and they were out wandering around today. Well, as much wandering as they can do. LOL I'll be getting more pics this weekend and show you how much they've changed just in this short time.

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They are adorable!!
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They're absolutely gorgeous!
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They're very cute & the torti boy is so unusual. Can't wait to see them grow up.
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