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Sleeping Kitties

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I think this guy collected 4 pics of the cutest sleeping kitties on the web!


We should start our own thread where you post your cutest pic of your sleeping kitty... how about right here? I'll start with my kitty Homer.
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My Homer (b&w) and his buddy Shadow (Russian Blue)!

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Maggie's favorite sleeping place

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What a neat idea, I love sleeping kitty pics!!!!
Here's Snowball, all curled up in a little ball!

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me too!

I will have to wait til my furbabies are asleep then I will get out the camera!
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Kaya & Cheyeanne
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And Grayski
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Sleeping kitties are so cute , hey!!

sleeping beauty ...
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LOL! Sydney those are some excessively cute kitties you've got there. I don't think there's another animal on the planet that enjoys sleeping more than kitties.

Here's my favorite from the other forum

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Where's the kitty?

She blends in so well because of her black fur beside the black gorilla.
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You can't tell me they don't know how cute they look! That little one on his back is trust personified!
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I had to toss this in this sleeping baby shot....This is a pic of Spot when he was a baby—GoGo used to coddle him...He wuved his booboo
(Look how trim GoGo was, oh my)

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What a great thread!!! I love all these sleeping kitties pics! I have some of my cats sleeping but can't share them until I get them posted on imagestation.
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Another sleepy picture...... they way they are arranged reminds me of a pinwheel
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Kim, those are great pics. GoGo looks like he is spots bodyguard. And I love the one of all of them together. Cats are so great!
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How cute! I also love sleeping kitties. Here's mine.Roo and Tigger
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I've got you guys beat. I think I might have taken the cutest picture ever!
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I like it. But I want to see their tummies before we vote! (Just kidding-no prizes!)
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Spike has a sleeping tummy picture to share!

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Here's one I got in my email.

Snipboy, that is a really great pic. Your kitties look so happy.
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I had a cat marked just like Spike. What memories!
The kitten is too much, Brenda!
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Tamme, I love the pic of Roo sleeping. He looks like he's smiling.

Snip, that is a very, very cute pic!

OOOHHHH!! White kitty tummy! (I am not allowed to touch Ophelia's pretty white tummy. )
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Tamme- Roo and Tiger are so cute...Big boys! Makes me want to send GoGo over to play with them?

Snipboy: Oh how sweet! The Look like bookends - I love how they managed to brace their heads so that they can sleep comfortably...LOL!

jgaruba: OH! I just want to Squeeze Spike! What a face! Looks so darn innocent.....And the Belly........AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

They are ALL SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh my gosh! Look what GoGo's doing now! Ah, GoGo, don't look at me like that; I won't call you fat anymore! Honest...

Psst...Is he still looking?
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LOL! Jeanie - It took me forever to get him to demonstrate "Night Vision"... Poor GoGo, he does look a little scary. >^,,^<

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Spike's tummy is just beggin to be kissed in that pic... so cute. I think some of my favorite sleeping kitty moments are when they curl their toes up. Like Shadow is doing in that first picture (or kimward34's orange kitty). When their sleeping feels so good they have to curl their little back feet up like that.

My other favorite thing they do while sleeping is when they turn their heads upside-down and "play dead" with their front feet. Like Spike in your pic
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Heidi: I find it so hard to resist Spike's white belly too! Sometimes he tolerates me, but not always...

Kim: He does look innocent, doesn't he! At least while he's sleeping anyway... looks can be SO deceiving!

Apolex: I found Spike sleeping on his back again this evening, and I'm not so sure if he'd agree with you thinking his belly is begging to be kissed! But I did do it, and he did tolerate it.. for about 5 seconds! Then he gave me an irritated look, and rolled onto his side.... :tounge2:
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Originally posted by kimward34
Tamme- Roo and Tiger are so cute...Big boys! Makes me want to send GoGo over to play with them?

Ha ha you can bring Gogo over anytime! I just hope he can stand the weather. (cloudy, mostly scattered showers. 9 degrees) lol
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Here's some sleeping pictures of my kitties!




Hercules when he was 2 months old
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