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why does she like it when i ru my face on hers?

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I know that all cats will rub their faces up against your legs and such but i never knew why. But i have noticed that i can pick her up to snuggle with her and she will sometimes try to push my face away with her paws but if i start to rub my nose and face against hers she will totally relax and start purring real loud and will lay there in my arms until i stop. Is this something that the mothers do to them in the wild to calm them? I just think its really cool cause its kinda like and instant sweet button.
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i have been told cats have scent glands, in there forheads,
so you are exchanging smells with the cats..

or it could just feel good to the kitty

lol i really dont know, eazy likes it also
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She likes to kitty head bonk!!!! I'm not sure exactly why they do it but it's a sign of affection! Enzo is the only one of ours that gives head bonks.
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i love it when she lets me do it cause her face is so soft and silky it almost like it massages my face.
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It's how cats who are friends greet each other - cats recognise things mostly by their smell, they have scent glands in the face and especially around the cheeks and gums, and when they see each other they rub faces to refamiliarise with the other's scent and to make sure that each smells like the other. You're telling your cat that you recognise her and are reaffirming your friendship in cat language.
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I've heard that head bonking called "bunting" and I understand it's a very friendly gesture in kitty talk. As others noted, this is how cats greet each other, and friendly cats will rub noses, heads, etc. The "happy" scent glands are in the head and cheeks...the less friendly ones are at the back end
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I've also heard that they are putting their scent on you to say you're mine.
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awwww does that mean she is comfortable with me being her mommy
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That my dear is a yes your little cutie is just telling you that she is happy to have you! All of my kitties do it..although one does it more than the others!
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Taco, Woodward, Tabitha and Lt. Bear do this the most out of all of my kitties. I love it when they do, it's so sweet!
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I love the head butts and when they nudge their little heads into my hand or arm for some petting!
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Bird does this to me alot- all I have to do is tuck my chin under and lean my head towards her a little bit, and *bonk* I am loved, lol
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that is too cool!!!!!!! hammy thinks i am funny sometimes cause i have this obsession with making sure all of our critters are "happy" i am always telling him that the fish look happy except one of them and he keeps saying how do you tell a fish is happy and i just say'I know' lol
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