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Google Apps

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Does anyone have experience with Google Apps? Good or bad experiences? Business or personal applications? Which applications have you used?

Just a general question.
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I am not sure what you mean by "Google Apps".

I use google to search the web all of the time and I also have a few gmail accounts if that helps
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We use Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Start Pages with chosen content at work

I use them all personally too as I like how easy they are to use and that I can share things with other Google users
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I like Google Earth a lot, it's interesting. I also like to use Google's web translator too. The iGoogle page is nifty too. I can watch/listen to the news there through web streaming plus the live weather.
I don't like Picasa though. Nice concept but it liked to delete files once they were copied to Picasa. They do have a thing where you can limit it's access to your drive but still, I didn't like how it deleted some files I had.
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I use Google Earth too. It's great.
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Might I add though, the Spyware Doctor and Norton Security Scan that's free on there is quite handy too!
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