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Hi all,

Just to let you know, Ive had Purdita spayed on Thursday. Shes doing well, bless, but im finding it hard to keep her indoors. Shes keeps getting out. Is this okay? She only goes next door for a wee, and comes back, but im worried about her jumping my 5 ft fence. She shows no interest in the litter tray, but ive not found her weeing anywhere indoors. Shes not touched her stitches, and has no other ill effects from the op.

Advice welcome!
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Glad she came through it ok!

I personally don't allow my cats outside. I am working on building them an outdoor romp area via a window, with wiring. It will even have a tree on it! There are too many cars and roads and bad people out there, that I want to keep my kitties safe from. Plus other animals, from which they could catch nasty diseases or get seriously injured or both! But everyone has different opinions and some people do let their cats in and out, you just have to evaluate the risks and make your own decision.
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Hi! If she was spayed on Thursday, she has probably recovered enough to go outside, climb the fence, etc.. Cats seem to be a lot more resiliant than humans (women need at least six months to recover from a hysterectomy). As long as she's leaving the stitches alone and not showing any adverse effects I wouldn't worry.
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