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I should have brought them home myself!

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I went shopping on Monday but didn't get my shopping done in time for home delivery so I only bought a portion of my list and brought them home myself.

I went back today to finish my grocery shopping. I had placed a shopping cart out back so that I could bring my groceries home myself and save on the $6.00 delivery fee.

However, when I was at the checkout I realized that I had booked a return Handi Transit ride home and they only allow you to bring what you can comfortably place on your lap. So I ended up getting home delivery.

I asked for delivery after 4pm. At 5:00pm Safeway called and asked if I brought anything home with me. I told them yes "2 loaves of bread and 3 bottles of pills from the pharamacy". She said "Perfect!" I asked if there was a problem and she said "No. Just a bit of confusion, but it's ok now."

The driver arrived at 7:30pm. Half of the bags were ripped and torn. I was missing a package of frozen BBQ ribs.

He explained what happened at Safeway. Apparently there were 4 grocery orders to go out. However, while they called in my order, they lumped my cart in with another person's groceries and got everything mixed up. So they had to go through the bill item by item and separate my groceries from that person's. The Safeway employee claimed that I had only paid for 1 package of ribs and removed the second package. The customer service girl also haphazardly rebagged my groceries resulting in torn bags and cleaning products in with my produce etc.

I didn't even have a bill of sale to prove that I paid for 2 packages because the cashier didn't hand me the receipt!

The driver left to go back to Safeway to pick up another package of ribs because I know I paid for 2 packages.

After he left I found the bill of sale at the bottom of the frozen stuff, which by now was largely thawed! And it clearly stated "2 ribs@14.98"

I got the ribs, and I got a phone call from Safeway apologizing. I told them that they need to apologize to the driver for his inconvenience because he said he was supposed to be finished at 6pm and all of this confusion and running around has him working 3 hours of overtime which he doesn't get paid for.

Next time I'll just book a one way trip to Safeway, grab a cab home and bring my own groceries. I'll not only save $6.50 delivery, but I'll also save my sanity!
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What a hectic time you've had It made be realize to be grateful that I have my own vehicle that runs well, so I can do such errands without giving it a second thought. How could I so easily forget what it's like (I had lived over 2 years without a car in a small town with no public transportation - wow! it was tough, esp. walking home in subzero temps in the wee hours of the morning, with only bears, coyotes & drunks as companions)
I am glad that the driver was nice to you - Safeway owes more than just a simple apology!!
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They used to be so good with delivery. I don't know what has changed in the last couple of years but it's gotten terrible. Sometimes they call in the order and no one picks it up! Once they completely forgot the frozen stuff. Another time they apparently forgot to charge me for the delivery and then realized it after the fact when I was already home! They initially refused to deliver my groceries until I paid the $6.00 charge. I spoke to the store manager and my groceries were delivered. And so many times I've waited more than 6 hours for delivery.

I used to always just bring my groceries home by cab. But since I hurt my back 5 years ago I have been relying on home delivery when I do a major shopping that consists of heavy things like milk, canned goods and cat litter.

I'm going to call Safeway's head office tomorrow and talk to someone there. Apparently they need to come up with a better system for their delivery. I know some stores here assign number tags to each cart. Here they don't do that. They just stick all of the carts together in a cooler which sometimes results in what happened today.

The poor driver kept apologizing. I told him that it wasn't his fault and he has nothing to apologize for. I think Safeway owes him a few hours salary for his inconvenience.
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What a crazy mixed up shopping trip. I think it was nice for the driver to go back! Hope it goes better next time.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
What a crazy mixed up shopping trip. I think it was nice for the driver to go back!
Yeah, he didn't have to do that.
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ok that sounds like a very bad day shopping.
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Yikes! That stinks! If i lived near you i'd just take you myself!
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And I was complaining that so few places here offer delivery (Matt works away from home a lot in winter and I hate going to the other side of town by bus and he drives the truck up north)

Perhaps I am better off going to get it myself
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I used Safeway delivery once when I was sick. never again. They forgot my beer. How could they forget the beer?
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